Home Delivery - Targeted Samples

Find out how your sampling program may count as qualified home delivery - targeted.


Subscriptions or single issues delivered to individual residences at the publisher’s discretion (often referred to as sampling) are eligible as qualified home delivery-targeted if the following requirements are met:

  • Delivery is to residences for personal use of the recipients.
  • If delivery exceeds one day an opt-out notice is required. The notice must:
    • State the delivery term and frequency.
    • Include opt-out instructions to include at least one nondigital opportunity (phone, direct mail, etc.).
    • Be presented in writing via a post-it, postcard, letter topped on the paper, wrap or similar medium. Email notification is not acceptable.
  • Subscriptions served for a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks and requested by the recipient are eligible as qualified home delivery-requested.
  • See AAM Rule C 3.3 Other Qualified Distribution, section (b).

Payment for home delivery samples may be obtained from a third party. However, AAM’s qualification, review and audit processes won’t govern or consider financial transactions. The copies are still classified as qualified home delivery-targeted for AAM reporting purposes.

Program Examples:

  • A retailer opens a new store in the area and wants to distribute newspapers to residential homes in the ZIP codes surrounding that area with a special coupon or wrap. The delivery will occur for two Sundays.
  • A restaurant wants to promote their business in specific ZIP codes by distributing newspapers to residential homes in specific towns. The delivery is for Monday-Friday delivery for six weeks.
  • The newspaper wants to distribute a two-week, seven-day sample to nonsubscribing residents on Green St., Purple Ave., Blue Ct., and Red Lane, as these are places they want to grow penetration.


Note: Qualified home delivery-requested circulation may not include copies generated from a paid subscription offer in which payment was never made (credit and arrears copies). These copies remain in paid circulation and are subject to the 4 percent allowance. See AAM Policy Related to Carrier Delivery.

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