How Can I See Which Magazines Missed or Exceeded Rate Base?

AAM’s Periodical Analyzer makes it easy to quickly scan for rate base variances.


Rate base is the circulation that a consumer magazine guarantees to advertisers. AAM’s Periodical Analyzer provides data on issues that have either missed or exceeded rate base.  Let’s run an example report.

After you have selected the titles you want to analyze in the Media Intelligence Center, click the Analyze Data button.

Click Analyze Data button

From the tabs, select Periodical Analyzer.

Select Periodical Analyzer


Under the Issue Comparison Analyses listing of reports are Issues that Missed Rate Base and Issues that Exceeded Rate Base. For this example, we will look at titles that exceeded rate base.

Select report name

From the pop up, select your desired data points. We added Rate Base and Variance to Rate Base to our report. Then click Submit.

Select column headings

The resulting report shows each issue of your selected titles that exceeded rate base and by how much. The missed rate base report is similar with the only difference being negative variances as opposed to positive variances.

View report

Now you can either view your report on screen or download to Excel for further analysis.

Click Export to download to Excel

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