Ask AAM: What’s the Difference Between Newspaper Digital Replica and Nonreplica Editions?

Examining the differences between the two types of newspaper digital editions.


If you’re looking at a newspaper’s AAM reports or Brand View profile, you’ll see digital circulation categorized as either replica or nonreplica editions. This article breaks down the differences and provides an example of both.

For AAM reporting, the two categories are defined as:

Digital Replica: A digital edition that is an exact copy of the print edition, including layout, editorial and advertising content (excluding free-standing insert advertising). Examples include PDFs or e-reader versions.

Digital Nonreplica: A digital edition that has similar editorial content to the print edition, but the layout and advertising may differ. Examples include a newspaper’s restricted-access website or an app where readers must have a paid subscription to view articles.

Let’s take a look at the paid replica and nonreplica digital editions of the San Diego Union-Tribune to show an example of each type.

On its quarterly data report, the Union-Tribune reports a digital replica subscription and a restricted-access website as a paid nonreplica edition.

Digital replica and nonreplica paid circulation on San Diego Union-Tribune quarterly data report

The replica edition is an exact copy of the print edition that’s viewable on screen. The nonreplica edition is the newspaper’s website, which contains most of the same articles as the print edition, plus new articles posted throughout the day. Clicking on an article presents the user with a popup requesting payment to continue viewing articles.

San Diego Union-Tribune: Digital replica vs. nonreplica examples

For more in-depth information on what constitutes a digital edition, please visit AAM’s Knowledge Base articles for U.S. and Canadian newspapers.

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