View a Newspaper’s Circulation Data by Frequency

Access single or multiple newspaper frequencies with AAM’s Newspaper Analyzer.


AAM’s Newspaper Analyzer mines AAM’s deep circulation database to provide flexible, custom reports. One example of a custom report from the Newspaper Analyzer is viewing newspaper circulation by frequency.

There are two options to view newspaper frequencies:

  1. Modify standard frequencies in the Print Analysis report
  2. Filter the frequency column on the output screen of any newspaper report

Let’s walk through both options.


The Print Analysis Report

Use the filters to the left or the search box to narrow the list of newspapers you’d like in your report. To select all the newspapers in your list, check the box next to Media Property and click on the Analyze Data button.

Click on the Newspaper Analyzer tab to begin your analysis.

Select Newspaper Analyzer tab

Print Analysis is the only report that allows you to select a specific frequency during the report building process. First, we’ll choose Modify to customize the Print Analysis report. 

Select the Modify option

The next screen details all possible column headings for your report. To select a specific frequency, click on Standard Frequency and then place a checkmark in one or several boxes. Note: If you don’t alter the selections under Standard Frequency, all frequencies will appear in your report.

Then continue to select other column headings that you would like to include in your report or check the Select All box to include all columns. Then click Submit to run your report.

Select frequencies and then click Submit

The result is our finished report with a frequency column showing only the Sunday and Combined Daily Average frequencies we selected.

Selected frequencies shown in final output report


Filter by Standard Frequencies

You can also view newspaper circulation by frequency by using filters on the output screen from any report in the Newspaper Analyzer.

Return to the report selection screen. In this case, we’re interested in running an Executive Summary report. To preview the report with default columns selected, click View Report

Select View Report

The View Report option bypasses column selection and takes us directly to the finished report. For this example, we only want to view newspapers from our list with Sunday circulation. To do so, click on the Standard Frequency column header and then the filter icon.

Select filter icon in Standard Frequency column

In the pop-up screen, click Select Values

In the pop-up screen, click Select Values

In the drop down, select Sunday and then OK.

In the drop-down menu, select Sunday and then OK.

Now the report only shows newspapers with Sunday circulation.

Report now displays Sunday circulation only

As a reminder, all Newspaper Analyzer reports can be downloaded to Excel for further analysis by clicking on the Export button at the top of the output screen and selecting Excel from the dropdown.

Select Export button

Select Excel from drop down

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