View App Metrics, Social Engagement and More with the Cross-Media Analyzer

Expand your analysis beyond print circulation with cross-media data.


Readers consume content and interact with media across channels, and many AAM clients report web, app, social, e-newsletter and audience metrics to show media buyers their total brand story. In AAM’s Media Intelligence Center, it’s simple to identify publishers that report cross-media data and create reports for multiple publishers in the Cross-Media Analyzer. Additional details for individual publishers are also available in their Brand View profiles. Here’s how to find both.


Identify which publications report cross-media data

To find which publications report cross-media metrics, use the set of filters on the left-hand side of the screen. For this example, let’s narrow the field of titles to newspapers.

Use the cross-media filter

Next, expand the Cross Media filter, to see the number of newspapers that report each type of cross-media metric. Let’s look at newspapers that report app data.

All 275 titles appear in the main window of the Media Intelligence Center. To select all, check the box next to Publication Name and then select the Analyze Data button.

Select all titles and click analyze data button


Access the Cross-Media Analyzer

Select the Cross Media tab.

Select the Cross Media tab

First, select the year(s) you wish to analyze. A list of months will then appear. If you leave all months unchecked, the analyzer will run data for all months listed. Since we’re interested in app data, we’ll select Modify next to the App Analysis report to customize the report’s column headings.

Select report time frame

In the pop-up, select individual column headers or Select All. Then click the Submit button.

Select column headers

And here is our report. You may filter and sort columns directly in the Cross-Media Analyzer or click Export to download your data into Excel for further analysis.

App report in Cross-Media Analyzer


View cross-media metrics in Brand View

For publications that have a Brand View profile, their cross-media metrics appear as separate tabs. In this example, Rider magazine reports social media and newsletter data.

Rider Magazine Brand View profile

For more information about accessing cross-media data, please contact AAM’s Jenni Anderson at 877-222-0932.

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