Supplemental Analysis of Average Magazine Circulation: Category Description

Use this handout to understand the breakdown of magazine circulation categories.


Supplemental Analysis of Magazine Average CirculationThe Supplemental Analysis of Average Circulation paragraph on AAM magazine publisher’s statements provides a breakdown of a publication’s circulation distribution. Download this tipsheet for an overview of paid subscriptions, verified subscriptions, single-copy sales and analyzed nonpaid.

If you are interested in digging deeper into each of these categories, try the Periodical Analyzer in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center. Here are a few quick steps to access this information:

  • Select magazine title(s) on the Media Intelligence Center home page
  • Click the Analyze Data button
  • Select the Periodical Analyzer tab.
  • Under Subscription Analysis, select the Supplemental Analysis of Avg. Paid, Verified & Analyzed Non-Paid Circulation report.
  • Select your column headings and click Submit to run your report.

Magazine supplemental analysis report

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