Search Basics

Learn about the Media Intelligence Center’s powerful search and filtering capabilities.


Using the Search Box

Below is the home screen of the Media Intelligence Center. There are two ways to search for titles: filter results or the search box. Using the search box, you can enter a specific title, publisher, city, ZIP code or member number.

Use the search bar or filters to narrow your list of titles.

After typing your criteria and selecting enter, a list of titles is returned. In our example, we entered the ZIP codes 10001,10002,10003 (reminder: do not put spaces after the commas in a list of ZIP codes). The resulting list of titles are those newspapers that distribute in the chosen ZIP codes:

Results after entering ZIP codes into the search bar.


Using the Filter Function

The filter function narrows either the list of titles shown when you log in to the Media Intelligence Center or your previous search results.

Use the filters to narrow your list of titles.

Click on a filter name to reveal its options. For example, to search for newspapers that have Wednesday circulation, click the Newspaper Frequency filter and select “Wednesday.”

The Newspaper Frequency filter.

To reset the filters to their default settings, click the reset icon at the top of the list of filters.

To reset the filters to their default settings, click the circle icon.


Analyzing the Data

After applying the search criteria, you can select from the list of resulting titles. There are two ways to view data:

1. Click a publication’s name to view its Brand View profile, which provides top-line metrics, downloadable charts and graphs, and PDFs of reports such as audits. If a publication does not yet have a Brand View profile, select the Quarterly Reports or Reports Library tab to view PDF reports.

Selecting a title in the Media Intelligence Center.

2. For more indepth analysis, consider using the Newspaper Analyzer or Periodical Analyzer. These tools can be accessed by checking the titles you want to analyze. To select the entire list of titles, click the check box in the blue heading next to Publication Name. Then click the Analyze Data button.

Options for analyzing multiple titles.

Depending on the types of titles you’ve selected, the Newspaper Analyzer or Periodical Analyzer tab will appear.

The Newspaper Analyzer tab.

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