Locating Affiliated Publication Data for News Media Brands

Data for all publications associated with a news media brand are available in AAM’s database.


AAM’s Media Intelligence Center offers news media companies the opportunity to report data from all audited media channels that make up their brand, including other publications owned and operated by an AAM newspaper client. These publications are known as affiliated publications and may include community or foreign language newspapers, market coverage products or magazines. The chart below provides a quick overview of where to find affiliated publication data. Watch our short video for more details on how to find affiliated publication data in the Media Intelligence Center.

Media Intelligence Center Section Main (Parent) Newspaper Data Affiliated Publication Data
Quarterly Reports tab Yes Yes
Reports Library tab Yes Yes
Print Distribution tab Yes No
Affiliated Publications tab No Yes
Distribution Map Yes Affiliated publications must be added via the Filters button.
Newspaper Analyzer Yes Affiliated publications must be selected along with the parent title in order to be included in the analysis.



For more details about affiliated publications, visit “What Are Affiliated Publications?” in AAM’s Knowledge Base.

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