B2B/Farm Publisher’s Statement Terms and Definitions

A glossary of paid and nonpaid circulation terms.

B2B/Farm Publisher's Statement TermsGain a full understanding of AAM business and farm publisher’s statement terms by downloading this comprehensive glossary.

Definitions are broken out by the following categories:

  • General circulation terms such as field served, digital version (replica) and digital edition (nonreplica)
  • Average qualified paid circulation including qualified paid individual and qualified paid association
  • Average qualified nonpaid circulation including qualified nonpaid individual and qualified nonpaid association
  • Analyzed nonqualified circulation such as nonqualified allocated for shows and conventions and nonqualified miscellaneous including staff copies
  • Age of source analysis such as direct request from recipient, direct request from recipient’s company and communication other than request
  • And much more
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Overview of Consumer Magazine Report Modifications
Overview of Consumer Magazine Report Modifications

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