Accessing Magazine Circulation Data For Loyalty And Awards Programs

Here are three easy steps for viewing circulation data attributed to loyalty and awards programs on AAM’s streamlined consumer magazine statements.


In this article we show where you can expect to find circulation data derived from loyalty and award programs, a level of detail that has been consolidated into individually paid subscriptions, on AAM’s new publisher’s statement layout. Watch this video for a guided tour of the full layout.

1. Search for a title or publishing company. Click on the publication name.

2. Select 6/30/2016 from the new window to view AAM’s latest, streamlined report for your chosen title.

3. Scroll to page two of the publisher’s statement and locate the Notes section of the report. There you will find a line item for circulation attributed to loyalty and award programs.


Want to take this a step further?

To see a bigger picture of individually paid subscription circulation across multiple magazine titles, access the Periodical Analyzer and select the Supplemental Analysis of Average Paid, Verified and Analyzed Nonpaid report.

Check the box for Total Paid Individual Subscriptions and click the gold Submit button to generate your report.

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