Accessing U.S. Newspaper Geographic Data

Quickly access detailed geographic and market-level data.


AAM’s Newspaper Analyzer provides detailed data by segments such as county, state, ZIP code and market. Different levels of reporting are available based on whether you are analyzing quarterly or audit data. This tutorial explains both options.

The first step to analyzing geographic data is to select your desired newspaper titles. For this example, let’s look at newspapers published in New York City. First, select Newspaper under the Publication filter. Then click on City. In the pop-up window, check the box next to New York, NY and click the Apply & Close button. To analyze all titles in the list, click on the box next to Publication Name and click the Analyze Data button.

From the tabs that appear, select Newspaper Analyzer.

Click on Newspaper Analyzer tab

Geographic Analysis using Quarterly Data

In the Newspaper Analyzer, Quarterly Data is checked by default under the Select Data Source heading. For this example, let's look at data from the most recent reporting period, so Current Reporting Period remains checked. Then select your desired geographic report, either Distribution by Market or Distribution by ZIP Code.

Newspaper Analyzer selections

Note: As a reminder, Export downloads your data into an Excel spreadsheet; View Report displays default data in the Analyzer; and Modify allows you to customize which column headers appear in the report.


Geographic Analysis using Audited Data

To run an analysis using audited data, check the box next to Audited Data and deselect the box adjacent to Quarterly Data. For this example, let's look at the last three years of audits. Check the box next to Historical Reporting Period under Select Reporting Period. Check the boxes next to 2017, 2016 and 2015. In addition to market-level and ZIP code geographic data, you may also select county, state, Designated Market Area (DMA) and Core-Based Statistical Area (CBSA) when using audited data.

Selecting audited data.

Below is a section of the Distribution by State Totals report.

Example of State Totals Report in Newspaper Analyzer


Are you new to the Media Intelligence Center? Find out more about the power of the Newspaper Analyzer and how to make the most of AAM’s data tools.

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