3 Ways to Access Canadian Quarterly Newspaper Data

Learn how to easily download quarterly data and reports from the Media Intelligence Center.


Quarterly Canadian newspaper data is available for Q4 2016 onward. Want to gain access to this AAM-verified information? Visit the Media Intelligence Center to easily download quarterly data and reports. Here are three ways to find Canadian newspaper data.

If you have any questions about accessing this data, contact AAM's Training Manager Sandi Licking.


1. Use the Reports Library to tap into publishers’ quarterly data reports.

All PDF versions of quarterly data reports are available in the Reports Library. Click on any title from the Media Intelligence Center homepage to see a list of a publisher’s quarterly data reports and up to 10 years of historical reports. 


2. Export detailed quarterly data with AAM’s Canadian Newspaper Analyzer.

Tap into circulation data for newspapers across Canada with the Newspaper Analyzer, a powerful analysis tool that is available at no additional cost to all AAM clients. With the Analyzer, you can choose from easy-to-use reports to gain access to publishers’ total average print circulation, total average digital circulation, total average print/digital circulation and circulation basic prices.

Each report has features within the Media Intelligence Center framework to customize and easily target the data you need to build your media plans and conduct competitive analyses. Once you’re satisfied with your report, download it into your preferred format such as Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDFs or CSV, PowerPoint or Word files. 


3. Get the full picture of a newspaper’s current metrics with AAM Brand View.

With quarterly reporting newspapers have the option to verify all their channels in addition to print — websites, apps, social media channels, newsletters, events and more. AAM Brand View is an interface within the Media Intelligence Center that brings together all of these AAM-verified channels into one place. With Brand View you can see each of the channels (i.e., newsletter, website) via different tabs within the interface, and learn more about the company through images, market information and website links.

If you’re a publisher interested in creating an AAM Brand View profile, please contact Angie Sanna for more information.

Want to get a more detailed look at a publisher’s cross-channel information? Visit AAM’s Cross-Media Analyzer, also located in the Media Intelligence Center. 

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