Brand View Profiles: London Review of Books, Baltimore Business Journal and Tennessean

September 6, 2017

See how magazines, newspapers and business publications use Brand View to increase visibility in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center.

George Bartman, Vice President, Sales

More than 100 media brands have published Brand View profiles in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center elevating their visibility with the 2,600 active users looking for independently verified media data and giving their sales team a new way to promote advertising opportunities.

We’ve highlighted a few profiles worth a look.

Magazines: London Review of Books

London Review of Books is one of the first magazine brands to develop a Brand View profile. It has included a variety of cover art on its overview page and also included tabs for newsletter, website and social media metrics. View the full profile on AAM’s website.

London Review of Books Brand View Profile

Business Publications: Baltimore Business Journal

Baltimore Business Journal is part of the American City Business Journal network, all of whom have developed Brand View profiles. On its overview tab, Baltimore Business Journal promotes sales growth and readership. It also included tabs for newsletter, website and social media metrics. View the full profile on AAM’s website.

Baltimore Business Journal Brand View Profile

Newspapers: Tennessean

The Tennessean’s Brand View report highlights the variety of ways it reaches more than 4 million people across print, online, mobile and social platforms. View the full profile on AAM’s website.

Tennessean Brand View Profile

Ready to start your free Brand View profile? Watch our video and download our quick-start guide to walk you through the process. If you’d like help creating a profile, magazines should contact me or Danielle O’Connell at 212-867-8992 and newspapers should contact Kevin Rehberg at 224-366-2401.

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