Home Delivery - Joint Distribution Agreement

Review this guide to be sure your joint distribution counts as paid circulation.


When a newspaper publishes less than seven days a week and wants to distribute copies of another newspaper on its nonpublishing days, the supplemental circulation served by the other newspaper is eligible as paid joint distribution. See AAM Rule C 5.3 Combination Sales, section (c).

For example:

  • Newspaper A (primary newspaper) only publishes Monday through Saturday.
  • Newspaper B publishes seven days a week.
  • Newspaper A wants to serve Newspaper B’s Sunday issue to all of its subscribers.

The supplemental copies of Newspaper B are eligible as paid joint distribution if the following requirements are met:

  • Promotional materials clearly identify the two newspapers being sold together and reflect a qualifying purchase price for the bundle. See AAM Rule C 1.1 Paid Circulation Defined.
  • The supplemental newspaper isn’t stated or referred to as free, no additional cost, complimentary or other synonymous language. Copies presented or implied as free to the consumer are only eligible as qualified home delivery - targeted circulation.
  • Subscribers are presented with an opportunity to opt-out of the supplemental newspaper.
  • Circulation for the supplemental newspaper is not served in excess of two days per week.


Subscribe to The Gazette (Mon.-Fri.) and the Saturday and Sunday delivery of The Journal is included*! All for only $48 a year!

YES, I want to subscribe today!
_____ 6 months, $24.00
_____ 1 year, $48.00
_____ Easy Pay: I understand my debit or credit card will be billed monthly at $4.00 per month and will continue until I cancel the subscription.

( ) * To opt-out of delivery of The Journal, simply check this box.


Dear loyal Gazette subscriber:

Effective May 16, you will receive Saturday and Sunday delivery of The Journal included with the cost of your current paid subscription.*

You don't have to do anything -- this great service will automatically being with the May 16th issue. You will now have all the Saturday and Sunday news and coupons you have been missing. Enjoy!

Jane Doe

* If you do not wish to receive delivery of The Journal, please call 1-800-OPTOUTT to decline.
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