Group Subscriptions

Employee copies must meet certain requirements to be classified as paid group circulation.


Group subscriptions represent subscriptions purchased by a company for designated employees known by name and/or title. See AAM Rule C 101.3 Group (Subscriptions to Businesses for Designated Employees).



Each subscription purchased by a business for distribution to designated employees must be paid at a qualifying price of at least one cent, net of all considerations. See AAM Rule C 101.1 Paid Circulation Defined.



Subscriptions are eligible as paid, group circulation if the following requirements are met:

  • The employer must pay at least one cent, net of considerations, for each subscription or single copy.
  • The copies may be for employees based from headquarters, subsidiaries or branches of the company.
  • A list of all recipients (by name or title) must be available to the AAM auditor upon request.

To qualify digital copies as paid group circulation, the above qualification requirements must be met and the employer must request delivery in digital format. See the digital editions guide



Subscriptions purchased by a company, for distribution to designated employees, are classified as paid group circulation in AAM’s database and documents.

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