What You Get When Your News Media Company Partners with AAM

June 12, 2019

The real power comes from how audited information is used to differentiate your brand.


AAM audits are a third-party stamp of approval that shows buyers your media channels—from print distribution to website traffic—are trusted and validated. But the real power comes from how the audited information is used to differentiate and market your news media company. Here’s an overview of the benefits you receive as an AAM partner.


What You Get: Trust
How: Third-Party Audits and Quarterly Data Reports

 By committing to AAM-verified audits and quarterly data reports you are providing media buyers with the highest level of assurance and proving your data meets industry standards.

  • Quarterly data reports. AAM processes and releases your circulation (including ZIP code level) data four times per year to provide media buyers with current data.
  • Audits. AAM’s audit staff works with you to help you prep the records and information needed for your audit. Not only do audits provide media verification to advertisers, but they also serve as an internal control to help communicate your commitment to best practices to your staff.


What You Get: Visibility
How: AAM’s Media Intelligence Center, Industry Partnerships and Data Feeds

AAM publisher clients receive unprecedented industry visibility since AAM is a leading source of data for media buyers.

  • Listing in the Media Intelligence Center. AAM’s database is accessed regularly by nearly 2,300 users, plus direct access provided to marketers through a partnership with the Association of National Advertisers.  
  • Broad data distribution to thousands of advertising decision makers. AAM partners with industry sources like Kantar Media/SRDS and Nielsen Local and with buying agencies like NSA Media and Novus to deliver direct feeds of quarterly data.


What You Get: Sales Solutions
How: AAM Brand View, Market Analysis and Marketing/Advertising Opportunities

Share your total brand story and build engagement with media buyers via complimentary solutions.


What You Get: Connections
How: Industry Partnerships, the AAM Board and Participation in Committees

As an AAM partner, you are connected to a larger community that allows you to share your voice, influence industry standards and contribute your insight and ideas to helping the industry innovate and grow.

  • Voice. AAM is represented by a 30-member board of directors and several industry-specific committees that meet throughout the year to share feedback, examine industry trends and provide new solutions for clients.
  • Leadership. AAM collaborates with more than 20 leading industry organizations to share insights and create partnerships that help our clients and the industry innovate and implement new technology and services.


What You Get: Education
How: Ongoing Training Opportunities, AAM’s Knowledge Base and Email Communications

By leveraging AAM’s expertise in both print and digital auditing, AAM publisher clients learn about best practices, get insight on industry trends and receive other valuable information that can help improve efficiency in the audit process.

  • Complimentary training. AAM’s dedicated training department hosts dozens of webinars each year and conducts one-on-one training for your teams, including sales training.
  • AAM’s Knowledge Base. More than 300 articles, videos and guides are available in AAM’s online Knowledge Base and are sent via subscription to AAM emails.


What You Get: Innovation
How: AAM Digital Publisher Audits

Publishers and buyers can rely on AAM to provide consistent assurance in a changing media landscape. We are committed to exploring and developing new ways to help quality publishers stand out to advertisers.

  • AAM Digital Publisher Audits: an independent, continuous third-party website audit that  differentiates quality publishers from all other sites that run ads and connects those quality publishers to marketers and media buyers.


Hear what our publisher and buyer partners have to say about how AAM works for them in their own words.

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