Check Out the Profiles of Two Buyers Looking for Newspaper Data

July 12, 2018

You know that AAM’s Media Intelligence Center is highly trafficked by marketers and agencies. But do you know who is actually viewing your data?

Kevin Rehberg, Vice President, Client Development


When I talk to news media clients about the value AAM offers, one of my biggest talking points is the Media Intelligence Center. It’s a huge repository of information used by both buyers and sellers of news media and it’s available to all our clients and their staff. When I explain how the information in the Media Intelligence Center is used by marketers and agencies, I’m often confronted with the question, “Who? Who are the buyers actually looking and using my data?”

It’s a valid question and one I’m always happy to answer. This new infographic does a great job of profiling two of the typical users of AAM’s Media Intelligence and news media data. I think you’ll find the insight valuable. And if you’re looking to attract even more attention in the Media Intelligence, consider creating a Brand View profile. This SlideShare has a great overview of what Brand View is, how you can use it and examples of companies doing it right.

Who's Looking at Your AAM Data?

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