3 Ways to Access Newspaper ZIP Code Data in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center

Where to find AAM ZIP code distribution data and how each format might be useful.


Distribution by ZIP code is one of the most sought-after datasets for media buyers. Whether used to research a new market for a grand opening or to tweak the reach of an existing campaign, newspaper ZIP code data helps marketers target the right audience for their message.

AAM’s Media Intelligence Center houses ZIP code data in three areas: on audit reports, in AAM’s Newspaper Analyzer and as part of the new Distribution Map in Brand View.

Here’s a brief overview of the differences between these formats and where to locate each.

Audit Reports

For most AAM U.S. news media clients, ZIP code distribution data is listed on the audit report. These reports are found in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center under each publication’s Reports Library tab.

Prototype audit report showing ZIP codes

Access Audit Reports for ZIP Code Data When:

  • You want to view AAM-audited data
  • You want to download and save ZIP code data along with other AAM-verified data for one publication in one PDF

But what if you want to access the most recent ZIP code data available, sort and filter the data in Excel, or include data from other newspapers in one spreadsheet? Check out AAM’s Newspaper Analyzer.


Newspaper Analyzer

AAM’s Newspaper Analyzer gives users access to circulation data for nearly 1,700 local and national newspapers across North America. This powerful tool helps AAM clients perform in-depth analyses and drill down to the data they find most valuable.

Example of ZIP code analysis in Newspaper Analyzer

Access the Newspaper Analyzer for ZIP Code Data When:

  • You want to find the most recent quarterly ZIP code data
  • You need data that can be downloaded into Excel and easily sorted and filtered
  • You want to compare and analyze data from multiple publications
  • You want to include historical data in your analysis

If you’re looking for a visual representation of a publication’s most recently-reported ZIP code distribution, the new Distribution Map is a great option.


Distribution Map

The Distribution Map is a complimentary new feature in Brand View that displays newspaper ZIP code data in an easy-to-use heat map. This tool is available in the profiles of more than 1,000 U.S. news media clients and can be accessed through the Media Intelligence Center or via a custom URL that can be shared with anyone. 

Example of ZIP code distribution map

Use the Distribution Map to Access ZIP Code Data When:

  • You need a quick visual of circulation or household coverage without having to sort through large datasets
  • You want an interactive, visual representation of a publication’s most recent distribution that can be clicked, filtered, exported and saved

To learn more about navigating the Media Intelligence Center, sign up for one of our upcoming webinars or contact Jenni Anderson to schedule a complimentary training session.

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