The Value of Audited and Attested Data

What’s the difference between data found in an audit report and a publisher’s statement?


When visiting the Media Intelligence Center, you’ll encounter data sourced from several different reports: audit reports, publisher’s statements and quarterly data reports. Each of these reports serve a different purpose and house important information. Let’s take a deeper look into the different formats, their data and utility.

  Publisher's Statement Quarterly Data Report Audit Report
Publication Type Magazine, B2B and farm media News media All AAM-audited publications
Frequency Twice a year (June/Dec) Four times a year (Mar/Jun/Sept/Dec) Every 12 or 24 months depending on publication
Audited or Attested Data? Attested Attested Audited
Location of Data Reports Library, Brand View, Periodical Analyzer Quarterly Reports tab for U.S. news media, Reports Library for Canadian news media, Brand View, Newspaper Analyzer Reports Library, Newspaper Analyzer

The data in audit reports and publisher’s statements/quarterly reports all have unique value. While the information in publisher’s statements and quarterly data reports are “subject to audit,” the publisher attests that the distribution claims are accurate and in accordance with AAM’s bylaws and rules. The data undergoes a careful review prior to release, and variances found between the attested data and the audited data are included in the audit report. The primary advantage of the attested data is that it is released more frequently than audited data, which helps advertisers and agencies create informed media plans based on up-to-date information.

While statements and reports provide a wealth of data about a single title, AAM’s Analyzer tools create comparison and historical trending reports for single or multiple titles. Below are several articles that discuss some of the more popular reports accessed in the Media Intelligence Center.

Article Source Description
Newspaper Print Analysis by Frequency Quarterly Data Report/Audit Report How to obtain a newspaper’s print distribution detail for a specific reporting period, including category breakouts such as Paid Individual Home Delivery & Mail, Business Traveler-Hotel Lobby Copies, Qualified Home Delivery Targeted and Verified Home Delivery.
3 Ways to Access Newspaper ZIP Code Data Quarterly Data Report/Audit Report How to access newspaper ZIP code data from the audit report, Newspaper Analyzer and the Distribution Map.
Where to Find Supplemental Analysis of Average Circulation for Magazines  Publisher’s Statements How to access a magazine’s distribution detail.
How to Access Magazine Geographic Data Publisher’s Statement How to break down a magazine’s print distribution by state, province or U.S. region. This report is ideal for target marketing for either a single publication or multiple titles.
How to Access the Magazine Snapshot report  Publisher’s Statement How to access a quick summary of the latest magazine circulation trends and changes, issued twice a year for the June 30 and December 31 six-month reporting periods.
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