Statement Plus Reporting

Guidelines for reporting expanded data.


Statement Plus is a customized report augmenting the information contained in publisher’s statements, quarterly data reports and audit reports. Examples of what you may choose to include in Statement Plus are expanded trending, distribution versus print run, percentage of newsstand returns, expanded renewal rate data or expanded geographic data

This reporting is offered to any magazine client of AAM to address their specific reporting needs.


  • Statement Plus may be issued at any time as a stand-alone document.
  • Any data submitted for the first time will be audited prior to its publication. Unless ongoing interim auditing is deemed necessary, subsequent updates of the same information may be published prior to verification, which would take place during the publication's next regular audit cycle. Each Statement Plus will indicate whether the data has been audited or is subject to audit.
  • If data includes averages, the average should be calculated over a period coinciding with the reporting period for the client's division (i.e., June or December for consumer magazines and business publications).
  • If data other than averages is reported, a date indicating when the data was calculated ("as of”) should be provided.  
  • The next audit report released following this date should contain a reference to indicate verification of data contained in the previously released Statement Plus.
  • Statement Plus may be a public released document, made available through the Media Intelligence Center or provided directly to the issuing publication for distribution. If data is related to typical optional reporting data, both data points must appear on the Statement Plus. For example, if average price per copy is reported, the average annualized price must also be shown.
  • Advertorial statements and references to competing publications should not be made within Statement Plus.
  • Statement Plus should not include any data prohibited by AAM’s bylaws, rules or policies.
  • Data allowed under current rules should be presented in accordance with the rules and/or calculated according to established formulas.
  • All data should be clearly defined and carry approved explanations.
  • Data should be based on either historic or present reporting period information and cannot be a projection of future expectations.
  • All information included in the report is subject to AAM's normal publicity disclosure policies.
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