Rapid Report Filing Guidelines

For consumer magazines with circulation of more than 250,000 that are required to file circulation data in AAM's Rapid Report tool.


Rule F 4.2 Rapid Report requires U.S. magazines with circulation over 250,000 to report issue-by-issue data via AAM’s Rapid Report tool. Rapid Report filing is optional for publications with circulation under 250,000.

The following are policies required for filing Rapid Report data.

1. Publishers are required to report the following data on an issue-by-issue basis via AAM’s Rapid Report tool, which is located in the Publisher Filing Center:

  • Paid subscriptions
  • Verified subscriptions
  • Paid single-copy sales
  • Analyzed nonpaid
  • Rate base

In addition, print and digital replica circulation will be reported separately for each circulation category.

2. Initial data submission is due no later than the end of the calendar month following the issue date.

  • Monthly issues
    For example, the January issue is due no later than last day of February. The February issue is due no later than March 31.
  • Month and date issues
    For example, the Jan. 15 issue is due no later than last day of February. The March 4/5 issue is due no later than April 30.
  • Season-named issues (summer, fall, winter, spring)
    (Note: AAM’s database requires an assigned calendar date to all issues. Seasonal issues will have a due date that aligns with their assigned dates. Typical dates assigned are July for summer, September for fall, January for winter and April for spring.)

    Following the above schedule, the due date for a summer issue assigned a July date would typically be Aug. 31. This also assumes the summer issue is reported in the December-ending statement period. Similar assignments for other issues would follow.
  • Bimonthly issues
    Bimonthly issues are due with the first month noted in the issue name. A March/April issue is due by the end of April with all other March-dated issues.
  • Issues with special names (not calendar dates)
    Special issues require a calendar date assignment similar to seasonal names to determine the chronological order of the issue for reporting. Therefore, the expected filing date for Rapid Report is determined based on the publisher-assigned date.

    For example, if an issue titled “Wedding Issue” appears between the January and February monthly issues, the publisher is required to assign a calendar date that falls between Jan. 1 and Feb. 1, and would therefore be assigned a January date. Initial filing for this issue is due at the end of February.

3. Rapid Report claims can be updated until the publisher’s statement filing deadline for those issues. At that time, the submitted claims will be frozen and no future updates will be allowed in Rapid Report. 

4. Publishers may automatically populate and file their online publisher’s statement with the data in Rapid Report and eliminate the need to file the paragraph 3 issue-by-issue data.

5. Magazines required to file in Rapid Report will be sent monthly reminders about filing deadlines.

6. The following actions will be taken for publishers that do not meet filing deadlines:

  • If data is missing two business days after the last day of month, the member will receive an automatic email indicating that AAM records note issue data was expected in Rapid Report but no information has been submitted to date. This note will provide members the opportunity to modify the issue date if the distribution date has changed or submit the data that is due.
  • Ten days following deadline, the member will be notified that the issue data remains past due. If data is not submitted within three business days, the Rapid Report output will note that the member’s issue information is past due.
  • Twenty-five days following deadline, the member will be notified that the issue data has still not been submitted and a note will be made at the end of the month in the Media Intelligence Center that the issue data was not filed by due date. A list of all magazines and issues expected to be submitted by the end of the prior month but still not received will be distributed to AAM members who requested the data.
  • If a publisher appears three or more times in the list of publications that missed the filing deadline by more than 30 days or has not submitted data for all issues due in a statement period by the statement filing deadline, the title will be withheld from entry in AAM Snapshot for the applicable period and will not have its statement released until the magazine committee reviews the situation at its subsequent meeting. The magazine may then be found in violation of Bylaw 7.2 Offenses and considered for censure or sanction.
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