Filing Data in AAM's Rapid Report Tool

This guide provides quick and easy steps for magazines to file circulation data in AAM's Rapid Report tool.


All U.S. consumer magazines with circulation of more than 250,000 are required to file data for each issue using AAM’s Rapid Report tool, which is located in AAM’s Publisher Filing Center. Filing is optional for magazines with circulation under 250,000.

Please note that we recommend certain browsers that are most compatible with the tool:

  • Mozilla Firefox version 18 and above
  • Google Chrome version 25 and above

Below are quick and easy steps for Rapid Report filing.

1. You can access the Rapid Report filing tool by logging into the Publisher Filing Center. Once you’ve reached the homepage of the Publisher Filing Center, click on Rapid Report in the menu located at the top right.

2. This is the introduction page of the tool. Here, you’ll find basic information about Rapid Report, including the rule and policies about submission deadlines and past-due data. On the left side of the page, you’ll see a menu of the three input sections for the too

3. Click Issue Information to enter data about your current issue.

4. Choose the current six-month filing period from the drop-down menu.

Some data for the six-month period will be pre-populated. This screen will show:

  • The issue name
  • Issue date, which must only be entered if the issue name is a word instead of a date (such as Bridal issue or Holiday issue)
  • Rate base for each issue, if you declare it in your media kit
  • The on-sale date
  • Whether this should be a special issue
  • Status as to whether the data entered has been posted or just saved
  • And the date the status was last changed

You may edit any of this information by clicking on the field and entering your changes. You may also add or remove issues by clicking the “Plus” or “X” icons.

When you are done entering or editing this data, click Save.

5. You’ll enter circulation data on the next screen. The issue names will be pre-populated based on what you entered on the issue page.

Enter print and digital data for the issue:

  • Paid subscriptions
  • Verified subscriptions
  • Single-copy sales
  • Analyzed nonpaid circulation

To see the total circulation you’ve entered, click Show Totals. You can also save the data you’ve entered.

When you’re ready to make the data live, click Post in the far right column.

Data for each issue can be updated until the publisher’s statement filing deadline—either January 31 or July 31.

6. In the next section, you can review the data you’ve posted. This is also how your data will appear in the Media Intelligence Center to advertisers.

To edit your data, go back to the Issue Information or Circulation sections.

Remember that initial data must be submitted by the end of the month following the issue date.

These steps are also available as a video tutorial:

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