Accessing Award Point Subscription Data in the Periodical Analyzer

Media Intelligence Center report calculates the number of magazine copies purchased with award points.


AAM’s Periodical Analyzer Post Expiration report provides details on award point subscription copies. Award points (also known as loyalty points) may include frequent flyer miles or credit card member points that can be used to purchase magazine subscriptions. For a more detailed description of award points, please see Rule F 8.9 Subscriptions Purchased with Award Points. Let’s look at where to find this report and what data it provides.

After you’ve logged in to the Media Intelligence Center, use the search bar and filters to narrow your list of magazine titles. Click on the box next to Publication Name to select all the titles in your list. Then choose the Analyze Data button.

Choose your titles and then click the Analyze Data button.

Select Periodical Analyzer from the row of tabs.

Select Periodical Analyzer from the row of tabs.

Under the Subscription Analyses heading, select the Post Expiration/Award Points Subscription Copies report.

Select Award Point report.

Select your column headers from the pop up. To include all columns, check the Select All box. The columns specific to award points are on the right. Then click Submit to run the report.

Select column headers.

In the final report, the number of magazines purchased from award point redemption is listed in the Award Points column. The % Award Points to Total Circulation column calculates the percentage of copies purchased with reward points as a part of total circulation.

Award Point final report.

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