How To Combat The High Cost Of Ad Fraud [Infographic]

August 5, 2016

With billions of dollars and brand reputations at stake, everyone in the media ecosystem needs to take responsibility and contribute to digital ad fraud solutions. Here are a few pointers for an industrywide approach to tackling digital ad fraud.

Elise Baer, Interactive Communications Manager

Since January we have been sharing content from our Guide to Media Transparency white papers and interviews, which take a look at some of the pressing issues in digital advertising, on the AAM blog. So far we have published “3 Ways To Build Transparency In Programmatic Ad Buying” and “10 Steps to Improve Digital Media,” two of six infographics that pull together key takeaways from the guide into a visual format that’s easy to share.

In this infographic, we’re taking a look at the different types of ad fraud, how much they are costing the industry and what steps each side of the industry can take to help tackle these unsavory practices.

combating the high cost of ad fraud

Interested in Learning More?

AAM’s Guide to Media Transparency provides key takeaways for how to deal with today’s most pressing issues in media, including ad fraud and viewability, along with color commentary from top leaders who work for companies such as Bonnier and GroupM.

Peruse our full library of industry interviews, white papers and case studies on our website and learn more about our solutions for publishersmedia buyers and technology providers. Follow us on Twitter @auditedmedia or on LinkedIn for updates on the series.

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