AAM Certifies Reader Engagement Measurement for La Presse+

July 7, 2017

Certification also includes a review of the processes and systems used to measure ads.

Joan Brehl, Vice President and General Manager AAM Canada

La Presse+

For the third consecutive year, AAM has certified the systems, processes and metrics used to serve and measure ads on La Presse+, the Montreal-based digital daily news media app. The certification provides confidence to marketers that the methods and systems used by La Presse+ to measure and count unique devices and ad impressions are clear, verifiable and comply with industry standards.

For the first time, AAM has also extended its certification to the measurement and reporting systems La Presse+ uses to track the number of seconds a reader engages with an advertisement within the tablet and the corresponding landing page.

Combined, the certifications provide a transparent view of user interaction with La Presse+ giving advertisers utmost assurance that the end-to-end process of counting, recording and measuring user interaction with their ad is valid and performance results are accurate.

“Advertiser concerns about nonhuman traffic, fraud and brand safety are more top-of-mind than ever,” explained Steve Guenther, AAM’s vice president of digital auditing services. “La Presse’s ongoing commitment to quality and transparency is a breath of fresh air for those seeking truth and accountability. With the addition of the new engagement metric to its certification, La Presse continues to lead the industry in providing marketers with valuable and verifiable insight into ad engagement and performance.”

Measuring reader engagement time enables La Presse+ reader attention to be quantified by determining how much time they spend on each of the platform’s full-screen ads. This statistic is included in performance reports for advertisers, giving them valuable information to more accurately evaluate their campaigns. The information complements the data that La Presse+ already offers its clients, including unique tablet opens and number of ad impressions.

“Time spent is a key component in determining the performance of ads posted in our La Presse+ digital edition for tablets,” said Patrick Jutras, vice president, sales, La Presse. “This certification from the AAM confirms the credibility and accuracy of the measurement tools that we have developed, and illustrates La Presse+’s unrivalled ability to hold readers’ attention with a captive and brand-safe environment for the brands that use it.”

AAM conducted the ad system certification in accordance with several industry-developed guidelines put forth by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Mobile Marketing Association and the Media Rating Council IVT Guidelines.

AAM’s technology certifications address a variety of challenges in digital advertising such as measurement, invalid traffic, online piracy and inventory control. Learn more about how an AAM certification can help your digital advertising run more efficiently or contact me at 416-962-5840.

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