Cross-Media Marketing: Make Your Publishing Brand Stand Out

May 16, 2016

The publishing industry has exploded into an environment of multimedia brands that all vie for consumer attention. And each day publishers try to find new ways to stand out. Here are four ways to leave a memorable impression with key decision makers.

Joseph Hardin, VP, Product Leadership

Remember when it was enough just to publish a monthly print edition and sell print ads? Or when you added a website to your portfolio and bundled the online ads with print ads for free? Those were the days where there wasn't a need for a cross-media marketing campaign strategy; but that is not today. Today, your single publishing brand has exploded into a multimedia brand complete with a network of platforms to sell to your clients. And so have all your competitors.

How do you make your brand stand out in a crowded market and leave a memorable impression with decision makers? Here are four ways I’ve seen publishing brands use a cross-media marketing campaign strategy successfully to market themselves:


1.   Keep it Verified

We all know that a sales pitch is crucial in order to have a successful cross-media marketing campaign, but just putting your best foot forward to woo a client isn't enough. Does your publishing brand have authentic, independently verified information to back up your sales story? How do clients know when the sales pitch ends and the informational session begins? Keep it real, keep it transparent, keep it verified.


2.   Bring Your Data to Life

On the other hand, no one is going to get excited about your publishing brand just by looking at a spreadsheet full of numbers. A successful cross-media marketing campaign is one that can tell a story by stating the facts in a way that makes the data visually appealing and easy to interpret. How do you promote yourself outside your sales message? How do you make the data and facts sell your publishing brand in a visually appealing way? Close the deal by telling a story, not just the facts.


3.   Make Your Publishing Brand Accessible

One of the easiest and most overlooked steps in a successful cross-media marketing campaign—put your publishing brand out there. Is your sales information prominently featured on your website? Are you listed (with up-to-date information) in all the top industry databases? If a client wants to find out about your brand’s offerings and it’s after business hours, where will they go and how will they find you? Make sure your brand is where they are.


4.   Build Relationships

In an increasingly automated digital space, it’s important to maintain and develop new relationships. How do you get your sales people to connect with clients? Give them the tools they need to sell your publishing brand anytime, anywhere whether it’s a desktop presentation on a conference call, looking over shoulders at an iPad during an industry conference or pulling up some information on your phone during an informal lunch meeting.

Relationships are built on trust and reliability, so it’s important that you are ready to deliver. The publishing industry has changed and the challenges have grown but so too have the talent and tools used to garner advertisers’ attention. At AAM, we’re working hard to develop innovative products that help you solve these challenges for your publishing brand to ensure you're putting your best foot forward.

Which is why I’m so pleased to announce AAM Brand View is now available for business and farm publications to feature their independently verified cross-channel data and audiences in a customized template that has the opportunity to be seen by thousands of media planners and buyers in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center. Newspapers and magazines will have the opportunity to access this powerful promotion tool later this year. For now, I encourage you to read through our FAQs and learn more about how AAM Brand View can help you tell your story, your way.

market cross-media brands

If you have questions about Brand View or would like to schedule a demo, please contact George Bartman, VP of sales, at or Joan Brehl, VP/GM AAM Canada, at

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