Submitting Quarterly Newspaper Data [FAQs]

In January 2017, Canadian newspapers will start reporting all data on a quarterly basis. Here are FAQs to help you prepare to file your newspaper data with AAM.


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View AAM's Canadian newspaper quarterly reporting resource center for more tutorials, webinars and links.


How do I file my data with AAM?

To start filing your data with AAM, log into AAM’s Publisher Filing Center and select Quarterly Filing Online from the menu at the top right. You can easily access the Publisher Filing Center from the homepage using the “Log In” drop-down menu. Contact us if you need any assistance with this process.


What browser should I use when filing data via AAM’s filing tool?

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for optimal results. However, newspapers with large volumes of reporting frequencies (multiple affiliated publications and or Joint Operating Agreements) should primarily use Mozilla Firefox.  


View our FAQs about AAM’s quarterly reporting initiative to learn more about the new Canadian newspaper report format and how data will be released into the Media Intelligence Center.


How can I add or change an existing a frequency?

To change a frequency in your newspaper’s publishing plan, please contact Tim Leen at 224-366-6435.


How do I report digital replica and digital nonreplica separately? 
Once you are in the quarterly filing tool, the first section you will need to fill out is labeled “Survey.” For the question “What are your newspaper reporting categories?”, check the circulation categories that you would like to report: print, digital and digital nonreplica. 

Please note that you must choose one or more newspaper categories to start the process of filing your data. 


How do I report affiliated publications on my quarterly data report?

Please contact Tim Leen at 224-366-6435 to start reporting affiliated publications. Once you have added affiliated publications to your publishing plan, you will need to visit the Affiliated Pub Plan section of the filing tool to begin submitting data for each of your titles to AAM.


What do I need to do on the “Reconciliation of Days” section?

In the "Reconciliation of Days" section, the data that you've supplied in the previous Main Pub Plan and Affiliated Pub Plan sections are automatically calculated for the quarter. Keep in mind that the information featured in this section will serve as the divisor when determining circulation averages later in the filing process. Please confirm that the days entered for the quarter in the previous pub plan sections are complete and accurate. If you need to make changes to the information shown in this section, go back to the Main and Affiliated Pub Plan sections.


Do I still need to report averages when filing my circulation data?

When you get to the section labeled “Circulation Reporting” under Enter Circulation Data, please be sure to enter net circulation totals instead of averages in the category and frequency fields provided. 


When will my quarterly data report and circulation figures appear in the Media Intelligence Center?

After you have submitted your data, AAM has reviewed your claims and you have approved the final dataset, your data will be released in the Media Intelligence Center by the next business day. The PDF version of your quarterly data report should be available in five business days. 


Can I change my data after it has been submitted?

Yes, data can be modified until the filing deadline for the subsequent quarter. However, once your data has been posted in the Media Intelligence Center, you will need to contact AAM at 224-366-6939 to revise the data. Once the data has been revised in the database, your quarterly data report will be annotated accordingly. 


Who should I contact if I need help filing my data?

If you need help filing your data, please contact Sandi Licking, AAM’s training manager, at 224-366-6342.

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