Newspaper Quarterly Data [FAQs]

In January 2017, Canadian newspapers will start reporting all data on a quarterly basis. Here are FAQs to help you prepare for quarterly newspaper data.


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Learn About the Transition to Quarterly Data

Why are Canadian newspapers reporting more frequent data?

From websites and social media channels to community events and newsletters, Canadian newspapers have rich, premium brand stories to tell advertisers and ad agencies that extend well beyond their printed publications. As newspapers’ content distribution strategies transform, media buyers want credible, transparent data more frequently. To help sellers sell and buyers buy, AAM worked closely with Canadian newspapers and media buyers to develop its quarterly reporting initiative. The move to quarterly reporting aligns Canadian and U.S. newspaper data and streamlines the newspaper dataset that’s available to media buyers who rely on the Media Intelligence Center.


How will quarterly data help aid the process of buying and selling media?

AAM launched its quarterly reporting initiative to address the industry’s call for up-to-date verified newspaper data. With the new initiative, buyers are provided trusted AAM data quarterly and newspapers are given added brand exposure through AAM’s vast data distribution network, which includes the Media Intelligence Center, partner data sites such as CARDonline, and direct data feeds to top newspaper buyers.


When will Canadian newspapers start reporting quarterly data?

Starting in January 2017 publishers are required to report all data for the fourth quarter of 2016. A schedule of dates and deadlines is available here.


When the data be available to the marketplace?

Newspaper data for Q4 2016 will be available in the Media Intelligence Center in February 2017. 


For more information about filing quarterly newspaper information to AAM, view our FAQs about the data submission process.


Become Familiar with Quarterly Newspaper Data

Will Canadian newspapers still have PDF publisher’s statements?

Starting with data for Q4 2016 Canadian newspapers will transition from reporting data on six-month publisher’s statements to a new “quarterly data report” format that will be released four times a year. The Media Intelligence Center provides up to 10 years of historical Canadian newspaper publisher’s statements and audit reports.


Are there any differences between quarterly reports and publisher’s statements?

For the most part, quarterly data reports reflect the same information that was previously featured on six-month publisher’s statements, including the option to report basic prices. The primary differences in the new report include:

  • A section called the “Circulation Summary” that shows a newspaper’s total daily print, digital replica and digital nonreplica circulation averages.
  • Separate averages for digital replica and digital nonreplica circulation if publishers plan to report digital circulation averages.
  • The option to provide additional data points such as affiliated publications and cross-media metrics.

A prototype of the quarterly report and new circulation categories is available here.


What are affiliated publications? Why did AAM create this category?

In July 2016 the AAM’s board of directors and Canada Board Committee worked together to introduce a new circulation category called “affiliated publications” to recognize the ways that publishers are innovating content distribution through targeted print publications such as Total Market Coverage (TMCs), Extended Market Coverage (EMCs) and branded editions. The new category gives publishers more flexibility in how they report their print products. Now they can determine which products are included in their total average circulation categories but are labeled separately from the flagship newspaper. 


Where will quarterly data be available?

In February Media Intelligence Center users can view Canadian newspaper data by clicking on an individual title and downloading a quarterly PDF report. In early 2017, users will also have access to AAM’s new Canadian Newspaper Analyzer where they can easily access executive summary data, print analysis, digital analysis or basic pricing information as large-scale spreadsheet reports. With the Analyzer, clients can analyze all Canadian newspapers within the tool’s dynamic framework and download reports into other programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat/Reader or as a CSV file. Quarterly data will also be available via the other channels, such as partnering data sites and direct data feeds, that help make up AAM’s vast data distribution network. 


What are the reporting quarters and deadlines for required newspaper circulation data? Is it the same for all newspapers?

All Canadian newspapers will report their required circulation data for the following reporting periods:

Required Reporting Periods Filing Opens Filing Deadline
Q1: The quarter ending March 31 April 1 April 15
Q2: The quarter ending June 30 July 1 July 15
Q3: The quarter ending September 30 October 1 October 15
Q4: The quarter ending December 31 January 1 January 15
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In January 2017, Canadian newspapers will start reporting all data on a quarterly basis. Here are FAQs to h...

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