10 Best Practices for Activating Your Brand View Profile

Here are 10 best practices to help you activate your Brand View profile and tell your company’s big-picture story to hundreds of advertisers in 20 minutes or less.


1. Plan ahead to involve the right people to create your Brand View profile.

Before you start building your free Brand View profile, there are a few things that you should know. Brand View is a new interface in the Media Intelligence Center that allows you to add color to your data and does not require you to file any additional metrics.

The person who creates your company’s Brand View profile will activate your profile tabs (i.e., overview, circulation, social) and pick templates to display your marketing elements (i.e., pictures, videos) on each tab. To get started, we recommend bringing together your sales, marketing and circulation teams to discuss what data, text, images and hyperlinks should be included to create a profile that best reflects the reach and influence of your media company. 

AAM Brand View overview tab

The circulation data, digital metrics and audience information that your circulation and audience teams provide to AAM will automatically stream into your company’s profile once it has been published to the Media Intelligence Center. 


2. Get your credentials for AAM’s Publisher Filing Center. Log in and go to Brand View Management.

The account information for your Brand View profile is located within the Brand View Management section of AAM’s Publisher Filing Center. To access this information, log into the Publisher Filing Center using your standard AAM login credentials and select Brand View Management from the drop-down menu at the top of the home screen.

For an optimal experience, please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your web browser. If you need your company credentials, please contact AAM.

Brand View Management in the Publisher Filing Center menu


3. Once you’ve logged in, go to “Choose Layout” to start building your profile.

Activate the tabs for all your AAM-verified channels to show how your company reaches readers. Brand View allows you to show your AAM-verified channels. Click the “+” button to start adding tabs to your profile. If any of the channels are gray in the drop-down menu, it means AAM does not yet verify that channel for your title. 

If there are distribution channels that you would like to show in your profile but are not available in the drop-down menu, contact us to learn how to add tabs to your profile. 


Selecting tabs and templates in Brand View


4. Pick a template for each of your tabs. 

Once you have activated the tabs in your profile based on the data you have audited by AAM, pick the templates that will automatically stream specific, up-to-date details about your data into Brand View. These templates provide a place for you to include pictures, videos, hyperlinks and images next to your AAM-verified information. 

Selecting templates in Brand View


5. Pay special attention to how your profile starts and ends.

Don’t forget to activate “Overview” (the first tab in your profile), as it is what advertisers see when they click your title in the Media Intelligence Center, and “Learn More” (the last tab in your profile), as it is the last thing they will see before they contact your sales teams.

The Overview tab is one of the most important options available in Brand View. This is the place where you can tell a story about your unique audience and brand reach. The Learn More tab is an area where you can include any other information that you want to get in front of advertisers, such as:

  • Hyperlinked emails and phone numbers for your ad sales contacts
  • Maps of where your company distributes its print editions
  • Specs for the media options that are available to them

View of the Overview and Learn More tabs in Brand View Management

View of Overview and Learn More tabs in the Media Intelligence Center


6. Next, go to “Provide Content.” Here you can populate each profile tab with your marketing elements (i.e., images, text).

To enhance your publication’s presence in the Media Intelligence Center, maximize Brand View’s full functionality by populating all panels (images, text, etc.) with content. To see how some of AAM’s clients are leveraging Brand View, check out these examples:

Filling in the Providing Content section in Brand View

Appearance of provided content in the Media Intelligence Center


7. Upload compatible images. Be sure you’re using the right sizes and file types.

Brand View accepts images and logos that are jpg, png, or gif of approximately 400 x 200 pixels. You can easily upload images by using the “upload file” fields or inserting images into the rich text areas. 

Upload files in Brand View


8. Use rich text areas to add context to your data and promote your overall brand influence.

There are rich text areas throughout the Brand View Management tool. In addition to inserting images, you can also easily copy or type your desired text directly into the rich text area. On average, we recommend including 50 to 100 words in the rich text areas on each tab. For the Overview tab, it is typically best to feature content that has between 100 and 200 words. 

There are several rich text areas in Brand View

Type full URLs when sharing links or hyperlinking text. In the example below, we copied and pasted our URL into the box to ensure accurate linking.


Include absolute URLs when providing links in Brand View


9. Always click the “Save” button when uploading content.

When you’re uploading content into your Brand View profile, be sure to click the Save button that applies to each upload field. Also click Save when deleting content from any section.


10. Preview your profile every so often to see your progress.

Use the Preview/Publish Profile section to see how uploaded content is positioned within your Brand View profile. To activate your Brand View profile in the Media Intelligence Center, go to the Publish/Preview Profile section, agree to AAM’s terms and conditions and select Publish

Publishing your Brand View profile

Once you select Publish, your profile will be made available in the Media Intelligence Center within 24 hours. Your charts and tables will automatically be populated with new information as it becomes available.


Update your profile when necessary. Brand View works for you and your sales schedule.

Updating Your AAM Brand View Profile

You own your Brand View profile, so feel free to update your content as needed. Just remember to click the Save button for each section you update in the Provide Content section and select Publish when you’re ready to share your updated materials. Your charts and graphs will automatically be populated with new information as soon as new data is approved in the filing tools.

Accessing Your Profile in the Media Intelligence Center

Once your content has been published and activated, log into the Media Intelligence Center to view your official Brand View profile. Remember, you and your colleagues have access to the Media Intelligence Center because you are an AAM client. If you are a new user, go to the Media Intelligence Center login screen and type in your standard company credentials to create your own login. If you do not know your company credentials, contact AAM

Selling with Your AAM Brand View Profile

You can easily share your profile URL with businesses in your local market. Just copy and paste the unique URL that is featured in your browser bar and include it in your message. We also recommend putting the URL in your employee signatures, media kits and follow-up emails with clients. The best part about Brand View is even if your clients do not have access to the Media Intelligence Center, they will still be able to see your profile.

Use your unique URL to promote your Brand View profile

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