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About AAM Brand View

What is AAM Brand View?

AAM Brand View is an online interface that is built into the Media Intelligence Center and helps publishers showcase their big-picture story. With Brand View, publishers can build custom media profiles that feature AAM-verified third-party metrics alongside their key sales messaging in a single trusted place, made continuously visible to thousands of media buyers.


How does Brand View work?

A publisher’s Brand View profile is the first thing users see when they click on a title in the Media Intelligence Center. Brand View profiles are built on a set of tabs that each present a particular aspect of a publisher’s brand (e.g. circulation, web metrics). Within each tab, publishers can use AAM’s templates to share sales messages, graphics, videos, links to their media kits and more.


What features are available with Brand View?

Brand View has flexible templates that help tell your big-picture story with videos, graphics, promotional materials and more on each of your profile tabs. With Brand View’s templates, you can create a profile that features your current AAM-verified data—web and app metrics, circulation, readership—and sales materials side by side.

All of the content that you upload will be featured in your Brand View profile, which is built on responsive design, and can be easily shared with your media partners via your unique profile link.


What metrics can I include in my Brand View profile?

You can share key cross-media distribution and audience metrics from multiple third parties in your Brand View profile once they have been verified by AAM. These include:

  • Website, app and social media metrics
  • Print and digital circulation
  • Newsletter engagement
  • Event attendance
  • Readership stats from sources such as Nielsen Scarborough

Brand View also connects with AAM’s website verification tool, Site Certifier, which can feed your website data directly to AAM to verify and upload into your media profile.


How is Brand View different from AAM’s Consolidated Media Report (CMR)?

Both products offer the flexibility for publishers to tell their big-picture brand story. The key difference between the two is how the data is presented to advertisers. The Consolidated Media Report is a customizable, static PDF that is typically updated every six months. AAM Brand View helps publishers communicate the vibrancy and reach of their brands well beyond AAM’s static statements and reports with interactive charts, videos and more. Brand View is a dynamic interface that is continuously updated with fresh information. Because Brand View is the first thing users see when they click on a title in the Media Intelligence Center, publishers’ information is highly visible to thousands of media buyers.


Profile Set Up

Why should I create a Brand View profile?

By creating a Brand View profile, you will gain enhanced visibility in the database and access to the tools you need to effectively position your AAM data and overall brand story to thousands of advertisers and agencies. AAM Brand View helps publishers communicate the vibrancy and reach of their brands beyond AAM’s static statements and reports. It is the perfect solution for publishers’ sales and marketing teams to leverage AAM-verified data.


How much does Brand View cost?

The base version of Brand View is complimentary to all AAM clients and is built on data that you’ve already filed with AAM. Your team will just need to allocate minimal time for set up.


Who should set up my company’s Brand View profile?

Brand View is built off of metrics that are already filed with AAM. For example, if your circulation manager has filed circulation metrics with AAM, the data will be available to include in Brand View. But it is also important to involve your sales and marketing teams during the set-up process to discuss which metrics and sales materials will resonate with your potential buyers. AAM offers webinars and training sessions about how to set up a Brand View profile.


How long does it take to set up a Brand View profile?

Typically, once you know what messages and metrics your profile will include, set up should take about 30 minutes to an hour. AAM encourages clients to take a look at the available Brand View templates and have a strategy in place prior to setting up their profiles. For step-by-step instructions, view our tutorial.

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