Trusted Media Brands’ Bonnie Kintzer on How 360° Data Supports an ‘Audience First’ Message

October 30, 2018

Having recently joined AAM’s board of directors, she discusses why cross-media data is important to the vitality of magazines and the innovative ways Trusted Media Brands is connecting with readers.


Since being named president and CEO of Trusted Media Brands in 2014, Bonnie Kintzer has led the company through a rebrand and has implemented strategies to increase audience engagement across all brands. Here she shares her insights on the importance of cross-media data, the value of industry partnerships and why she joined AAM’s board of directors.  

AAM: As CEO of Trusted Media Brands, what have been some of your accomplishments?

Bonnie Kintzer: Our primary focus has been on growing our digital traffic and ad revenue. Our core brands—Taste of Home, Reader's Digest and Family Handyman—are very strong. We've introduced several new products including Taste of Home Special Delivery, which is a subscription box business, and My DIY University, which is an online educational site for serious DIYers. We're always looking to expand our portfolio and provide our audience with more ways to connect with us. 


AAM: A few years ago, you helped rebrand Trusted Media. Can you give us some background on that evolution?

Bonnie Kintzer: Since we are a company consisting of many brands, having our name reflect just one of those brands wasn't good for any of them, including Reader's Digest. We wanted something that represents who we really are, which is an entire portfolio of trusted media brands. We really believe we’re here to improve people’s lives, whether it’s by telling them a heartfelt story or helping them cook a great meal. Our readers trust us to deliver content that does that for them. That’s why our name is the perfect choice for us.


AAM: Why is Trusted Media Brands an AAM client?

Bonnie Kintzer: It's important for us to have an audit to show our strength of numbers to advertisers. It proves to them that we are a serious player and that the data we provide can be taken seriously. AAM’s audits give us a lot of credibility in the marketplace.


AAM: What’s the value of cross-media data for your brands?

Bonnie Kintzer: It’s very important. We want to position our brands as being audience first and form second. Whether it's Reader's Digest in print or, it's about the total audience regardless of the medium the content is delivered in. That’s why it’s important for us to show the strength of our audience across all media. Sharing cross-media data gets our audience-first message across very well.


Whether it's Reader's Digest in print or, it's about the total audience regardless of the medium the content is delivered in.

Bonnie Kintzer, Trusted Media Brands


AAM: Why did you join the AAM board of directors?

Bonnie Kintzer: I feel it’s important to be part of a group that makes decisions that affect the entire industry. The services AAM provides helps all of us. That’s why I believe being on AAM’s board is something worth contributing my time to.


AAM: What topics would you like to see the board tackle?

Bonnie Kintzer: I’m not sure the industry realizes the amount of information and educational content that’s available from AAM. AAM is such a great resource. That’s a message I’d like to get out there more.


AAM: What excites you about magazine media?

Bonnie Kintzer: We're very much an alive media. The work coming out in both content and visuals is excellent. People are taking the business of magazines very seriously. There are a lot of good things happening for us right now. Beyond the business, I love magazines' ability to make an impact in the world. Take our Nicest Places in America initiative from Reader's Digest. For two years, we've been telling the stories of places all over America where people are treating each other with kindness and civility. It's a message our readers are hungry for at this time. Through reader surveys, we know that it makes them feel good, and inspires them to do good in the world. And that's something that really excites me. 


AAM: Where do you see magazine media in 20 years?

Bonnie Kintzer: I think we'll see a complement of media, both in print and digital. To achieve this, we must keep talking about the strength of our total audience, rather than focusing on one medium versus another. Twenty years from now, I think we’ll find magazines to be alive and well and thriving.


Get to Know Bonnie:

Early riser or night owl? Early Riser

Favorite book? “The Nightingale,” by Kristin Hannah

I would be lost without my… I’m sorry to say that it’s my phone. (I hope my kids don’t read this.)

My favorite travel destination is… Italy

A must have/must do part of my morning routine is… For nine months out of the year, it’s sitting outside each morning and having a cup of coffee with my husband.

If I could have one superpower, it would be… The power to predict the future.

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