The Top 5 News Stories About Digital Ad Fraud in 2018

December 14, 2018

We've recapped some of the most important news stories dedicated to the digital ad fraud problem.

Susan Kantor, Vice President, Marketing


2018 saw significant coverage of digital ad fraud, from actual criminal charges to mandates from marketers to analyses of the scope and dollars attached to the problem. We’ve rounded up a few of the best articles from the year.

1. Buzzfeed: Eight People Are Facing Charges as a Result of The FBI’s Biggest-Ever Ad Fraud Investigation

Craig Silverman has been relentless in his detailed coverage of digital ad fraud this year. In one of his more recent articles, Silverman outlines the indictments and FBI investigation surrounding the sophisticated 3ve operation. Read more.

2. AdWeek: When Procter & Gamble Cut $200 Million in Digital Ad Spend, It Increased Its Reach 10%

In 2017, Marc Pritchard, CMO at P&G, caused a stir with his calls for more transparency in the digital advertising supply chain. This AdWeek article follows up on his mandate for partners to clean up their business practices. Pritchard said that P&G reduced its spending with several large outlets by as much as 50 percent. Read more.

3. AdExchanger: How the Ad Tech Underbelly Helped Newsweek Media Group Buy Bots

Allison Schiff provides a detailed look into the background and business of PopAds, the company used by the International Business Times and its parent Newsweek Media Group to buy bots to help win a major ad buy. Read more.

4. eMarketer: How Cheap are Fraudulent Ad Impressions?

To make their impressions attractive to ad buyers, fraudsters often sell impressions at a discount. Buyers looking for cheap inventory purchase these impressions thinking they got a good deal, only to find out that what they bought is bot traffic or mislabeled inventory. On average, the CPMs for fraudulent impressions are 54 percent lower than the CPMs for legitimate ones. Read more.

5. AdProfs: The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Ad Fraud

The last one in my list isn’t a news article but it is a great resource for anyone seeking more information on what digital ad fraud is, why it exists, who is responsible and how to protect yourself from it. At more than 5,000 words, this isn’t a short read but it’s well worth your time. Read more.

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