A Look at News Media Companies Using AAM's New Mapping Tool

September 5, 2018

With the recent launch of the Distribution Map tab in AAM Brand View, we’ve selected a few news media clients who are making the most of this new feature and their complimentary profiles.

Kevin Rehberg, Vice President, Client Development


Last year we launched Brand View as a way for publishers to share their unique story alongside AAM-verified data. As a result, publishers have received a boost in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center. In the first half of 2018, AAM publisher client Brand View profiles had a 54 percent increase over traditional activity among media buyer users.

As part of our ongoing effort to expand the information available in this powerful interface, we recently introduced a complimentary new feature for our U.S. news media clients. The Distribution Map tab displays newspaper ZIP code data in an easy-to-use heat mapping format. Users can filter data by categories such as circulation type, percentage of household coverage and frequency to find the information they value the most. All U.S. newspapers that report ZIP code data will automatically get Distribution Maps by mid-September.

Let’s look at how some of our clients are already using this tab and others in Brand View to share a more comprehensive story with media buyers:

The Daily Item

This daily newspaper from Central Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania uses its Brand View profile to highlight its history and commitment to award-winning journalism and present important company information. By including complimentary Overview and Learn More tabs, The Daily Item makes it easy to find items such as its media kit, a list of advertising contacts and a link to its rate card.

Daily Item Brand View profile

The recently added heat map tab adds even more depth to its profile.

“The Distribution Map is such a quick and easy tool to use, it will only make it easier for buyers to collect data on our market,” said Norman Sinclair, director of audience development for The Daily Item. “The shaded areas really help us zero in on data for specific ZIP codes. It’s a useful addition to Brand View.”


The Grand Rapids Press

The Grand Rapids Press is one of more than 20 titles from Advance Publications that has activated the Distribution Map tab. The publication has a robust profile that includes additional tabs to highlight the reach of its audience and website data. The company’s Overview tab adds more flavor to its brand story by displaying an image of its front page as well as a “We Know Michigan” video that focuses on its unique content and community.

Grand Rapids Press Brand View profile

Sound Publishing

More than 30 weekly publications are part of Sound Publishing’s group Brand View profile. This community news organization from Washington displays its weekly newspapers together on one map, making it easy for buyers to access data for each publication distributed within a certain ZIP code.

Sound Publishing's Brand View Distribution Map

In addition to the mapping tool, Sound Publishing has added several elements to its profile to give buyers a more in-depth look at its brand, including a landing page graphic to show the reach of its print and digital properties, a list of recent industry awards and a video demonstrating the organization’s process of inserting more than 20 million preprints per month.

Want to learn more about how to get the most out of your Brand View profile? Check out 3 Ways to Take the Front Page of Your Brand View Profile to the Next Level and 3 Ways to Promote Your AAM Brand View Profile in our Buy/Sell Knowledge Base.

If you’d like help optimizing your profile, contact me at 224-366-6401.

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