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December 7, 2017

Review Changes to the Publisher’s Statement Format Effective with the December 2017 Reporting Period

Sandi Licking, Client Solutions Manager

AAM’s publisher’s statements continue to evolve as we work to develop products and tools that best meet the needs of our publisher and buyer clients. The latest round of format changes is cosmetic and does not impact reporting qualifications or your audit, but they will allow us to better integrate the data into a variety of analysis tools within the Media Intelligence Center.

Here is a list of the changes, effective with the December 2017 reporting period:

  • All paragraph references such as paragraph 1, 2 3, 4 etc. have been removed. Each section is only referred to by title.
  • Any optional reporting paragraphs, such as the Analysis of the Sales of Total New and Renewal Subscriptions, are only displayed if data is provided for that section.
  • Repetitive disclosures were eliminated. You no longer need to provide explanations for the following categories:
    • Print Only
    • Digital Only
    • Print & Digital Unduplicated
    • Sponsored Individually Address (note: prices will still appear in the price section)
    • Single-Copy Sales
    • Noncontiguous Market Coverage Copies
    • Miscellaneous, Including Staff Copies
  • The Explanatory section is now called Notes.
Business Publication Paid and Qualified Nonpaid Prototype Business Publication Paid and Qualified Nonpaid Digital Prototype Farm Publication Paid and Qualified Nonpaid Prototype

We have also enhanced the online Publisher Filing Center and added more upload features to make filing your information easier than ever. To learn more about the format changes and filing your statement data, please contact me at 224-366-6342 if you have any format or filing questions.

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