Nearly 100 Consumer Magazine Profiles Now Live in AAM Brand View

July 30, 2018

MPA member magazines also launched the new MPA MM360° Brand View tab to give buyers access to MPA 360° metrics alongside AAM-verified data.

George Bartman, Vice President, Sales


Earlier this summer, we announced a partnership with the MPA—The Association of Magazine Media to feature metrics from the most recent Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report in publishers’ Brand View profiles. We are happy to report that many of these profiles with MPA data are now live. In total, 94 consumer magazines are using AAM Brand View to showcase their data and tell a more comprehensive brand story within AAM’s Media Intelligence Center, with more profiles expected to be published soon.

With so many new profiles, we wanted to highlight a few notable features about Brand View.


Access Publisher Profiles Within the Media Intelligence Center

All profiles are available by clicking on an individual publisher’s name within the Media Intelligence Center. Here’s one example of what the MPA MM360° tab looks like as part of Women’s Health’s Brand View profile. View the full profile here.

Women's Health Brand View profile MPA 360 tab


Publisher Profiles See Increased Engagement

Brand View gives publishers an opportunity to share more information about their brand and buyers are engaging with the profiles. In the first half of 2018, AAM publisher client Brand View profiles had a 54 percent increase over traditional activity among media buyer users.

Scott Kruse, managing partner, director of print at GroupM and vice chairman of the AAM board, recently spoke about how Brand View and the MPA MM360° tab benefits buyers:

The MPA 360° report is a valuable tool because it helps us review a brand’s audience across platforms and identify which formats are trending with readers. By publishing these metrics alongside AAM-audited data in Brand View, we have a complete picture of a brand’s audience in one accessible place.


Access Publisher Profiles Outside the Media Intelligence Center

Another Brand View feature that is seeing increased activity is the custom URL. Each Brand View profile receives a custom web link to share with anyone—even those who are not registered users of AAM’s Media Intelligence Center.

For the past six months, custom URLs have generated a 60 percent increase over Brand View activity originating in the Media Intelligence Center, which means that sharing the Brand View link can lead to more people gaining access to a publisher’s audience metrics and brand story.

Women's Health Overview and Circulation tabs in Brand View

Overview and circulation tabs in Brand View.


Want to learn more about how to get the most out of your Brand View profile? Check out 3 Ways to Take the Front Page of Your Brand View Profile to the Next Level and 3 Ways to Promote Your AAM Brand View Profile now available in our Buy/Sell Knowledge Base.

If you’d like help optimizing your profile, contact me at 212-867-8992. 

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