How Sovrn Is Fighting Ad Fraud And Piracy With AAM Verification

April 4, 2016

Sovrn Holdings, Inc. has been validated by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) as a Digital Advertising Assurance Provider (DAAP) after completing a comprehensive independent audit from AAM.

Steve Guenther, VP, Digital Auditing Services
            Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), Sovrn, Trustworthy Accountablity Group (TAG)

AAM recently completed a comprehensive audit for Sovrn Holdings, Inc. — a provider of programmatic tools and services for an independent network of more than 20,000 publishers — to certify them as a Digital Advertising Assurance Provider (DAAP), a new classification under the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s Brand Integrity Program Against Piracy.

Ad tech platforms and other third party vendors that offer tools and services incorporating anti-piracy capabilities can elect to become a DAAP. Sovrn is the first ad exchange and supply side platform to become a validated DAAP.

AAM’s verification process confirmed that Sovrn has processes and controls in place to fight online piracy in accordance with the guidelines established by TAG.

“We work with thousands of publishers who are creating the content that makes the Internet great. They want a partner who is serious about fighting piracy and fraud on their behalf,” said Walter Knapp, Sovrn CEO, in the company’s recent announcement. “Going through an independent audit is one of the steps to provide advertisers with trust that their ad spend is not supporting criminal activity.”

Many advertisers and ad agencies, such as GroupM,  are electing to use only DAAPs to ensure the quality and safety of their digital ad campaigns.

Check out Sovrn’s news release for on this latest announcement and be sure to check out our certification services to learn more about becoming a Digital Advertising Assurance Provider (DAAP) today.

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