From the CEO: How AAM Connects Buyers and Sellers

October 4, 2018

Tom Drouillard reviews several key initiatives from the 2018 annual business meeting.

Tom Drouillard, CEO, President and Managing Director


Board chairman Ted Boyd and I recently hosted AAM’s annual business meeting where we had the opportunity to update clients on director elections, financials and strategic initiatives. I wanted to share some of this information in case you were not able to attend the meeting.

One of the messages I emphasized was the various ways AAM works to connect buyers and sellers and aid in successful business transactions. Here are a few ways we have done so over the past year.

AAM Distribution Network

Almost all media is bought and sold through AAM’s vast distribution network, including our own Media Intelligence Center, partner sources like Nielsen and Kantar Media SRDS, data sent directly to buyers’ own internal systems and Brand View, which is accessible to buyers outside of AAM’s network.

Here are some compelling user stats from that network:

  • During the past year, nearly 2,700 users have accessed AAM’s Media Intelligence Center an average of 8,267  times each month, spending an average of 6 minutes per session.
  • Outside of the Media Intelligence Center, we push direct data feeds to 13 industry organizations where the data is accessible to their clients and used by buyers in their internal systems.
  • Brand View is a new flexible, customizable environment for publishers to tell their story with text, images and sales information alongside AAM-verified data. Nearly 300 Brand View profiles are active in the Media Intelligence Center, and we anticipate strong participation to continue in 2019.
  • Brand View profiles are shareable outside of AAM’s network, unlike traditional reports and analysis tools. Publishers who share their links experience a 51 percent increase in activity.


Brand View Expansion

As you can see from these compelling statistics, Brand View is a powerful tool for publishers and buyers to connect in an environment that goes beyond circulation data. This is why we continue to expand and enhance Brand View.

For magazine media, that means working with the MPA – The Association of Magazine Media to bring MPA 360 audience information into the Brand View interface. This data was added to more than 100 publisher profiles earlier this year and is updated monthly.

For news media companies, we added a distribution map tool that is an interactive, visual representation of a newspaper’s ZIP code distribution. This map was launched in September for more than 1,000 U.S. newspapers. The map is updated automatically with the latest quarterly data and users can zero in on specific ZIP codes by circulation type, frequency and affiliated publications.


Differentiating Quality Publishers

One of AAM’s critical functions is helping buyers identify quality publishers to find safe, reliable outlets to invest. This is true in print media, and it is a growing need in digital media where fraudsters siphon billions of dollars away from marketers and good publishers. AAM chairman Ted Boyd recently wrote about the parallels between the early days of print media and the current digital market.

We developed AAM Quality Certification as a unique digital audit that helps separate good publishers from less credible websites and ensures that those good publishers have human audiences. We believe that publisher audits will help create a stable digital environment where marketers have transparency into where their ads are placed and the quality of those audiences. You’ll continue to hear more about Quality Certification and how continuous digital assurance will benefit the market.


Why Third-Party Audits are Critical

Whether it is print or digital, third-party audits are critical to creating and maintaining a healthy media environment. There are many companies in the landscape that make promises of assurance and some media companies that self-attest to their claims to gain media buyers’ confidence.

Our commitment at AAM is to provide the highest level of assurance as an independent third-party auditor. When you see our name attached to an audit, you can be confident that we have reviewed, tested and analyzed all the information and processes to ensure that publisher complies with industry standards. AAM-audited media is a safe place to invest media dollars, and that’s what differentiates our publisher clients from all the others and why it is so important for media buyers to demand an AAM audit.


I want to thank all our AAM clients for honoring and supporting a commitment to transparency and trust. As we approach the end of the year, I want to encourage each of you to reach out to an AAM staff member and take advantage of our training sessions, email communications, new product offerings and more. We always welcome and value client feedback and hope to hear from you soon. 

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