Credible Data is Key to Reaching Consumers in a Cluttered Media Environment

April 4, 2017

Danielle Bateman Girondo is the newest member of AAM’s board of directors, representing U.S. advertisers. In this interview, Girondo talks about her role as senior director of marketing and advertising for Save-A-Lot, a U.S.-based hard discount grocery store chain.


Danielle Bateman Girondo of Save-A-Lot Food StoresAAM: Tell us a little bit about your role at Save-A-Lot.

Danielle Bateman Girondo: My primary responsibilities fall into three buckets: marketing operations, corporate marketing and licensee-relationship management. With marketing operations, I’m focused on getting the right ad to the right place with the right information in it. We place about a billion ads a year and create multiple versions of each ad event.

From a corporate marketing standpoint, I’m tasked with our omnichannel marketing efforts, ensuring that we have a consistent message across all our channels, media mix as well as shopper marketing efforts and corporate grand openings. 

I also oversee licensee-relationship management. Save-A-Lot is unique because about a two-thirds of our stores are owned by licensees, anywhere from single-store owners to larger groups that own 50 to 200 stores. I lead a team of marketing managers who essentially act as an internal ad agency for those licensees by helping them understand the competitive landscape and how to best market their Save-A-Lot location.


Get to Know Danielle

How long have you been with Save-A-Lot?

I celebrated my fifth anniversary with the company in February.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to work in the morning?

Scan the morning headlines.  I read everything from my Google alerts to the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and trade rags.

What’s your favorite activity to help you destress from a day in the office?

Playing with my kiddos!  Their laughter makes my heart smile. I also meditate daily.

If you had to choose only one digital platform to use for an entire day, what would it be and why?

Facebook.  I get to catch up on quick news headlines as well as my friends’ lives.


AAM: As a new director, what would you like to accomplish with AAM?

Danielle Bateman Girondo: AAM is such a strong organization already. I want to help make sure all parties have the information they need to make the best decisions possible in both print and digital media to drive their businesses forward. 


AAM: How does Save-A-Lot use media to reach your target consumers?

Danielle Bateman Girondo: As the nation’s largest hard-discount grocer, we target a variety of consumer segments. When we’re deciding who to target, we use a variety of factors, including trade areas, drive time, income level, propensity to shop, geographic barriers and competitor presence. In the grocery space the circular is foundational. We have also had a lot of success reaching consumers digitally, whether through digital ad buys or Facebook sweepstakes. Just like every other retailer out there, we’re always looking at different channels to break through today’s cluttered media environment and capture the fragmented attention span of consumers. 


AAM: How did you first hear about AAM?

Danielle Bateman Girondo:  When I started my position at Save-A-Lot, the circular program was new to me. Circulars were a big spend for us, so I reached out to NSA Media, which uses AAM data for their buying decisions. Using AAM data is especially important given the pace of change and readership variability today. With AAM we have confidence in the data we use to inform our media spend because it has been third-party verified so we know what we’re purchasing is legitimate. 


AAM: How do Save-A-Lot and NSA Media work together today?

Danielle Bateman Girondo: NSA Media is a great agency partner for us. They help us distribute our billion plus ads a year and work with our more than 550 partners for each ad event. These partners range from small newspapers that serve rural areas to big partners such as Valassis. The NSA team also works with us on strategy, which is the most valuable aspect of our relationship. They help us determine who we should target and how to best reach these consumers. 


AAM: Why did you want to get involved on AAM’s board of directors?

Danielle Bateman Girondo: AAM’s long and tenured history coupled with its collaborative mission really made me want to be a part of the organization. I love that AAM encourages cross-functional partnerships. AAM’s board of directors is unique in that it consists of publishers, marketers and agencies, so multiple viewpoints are accounted for when setting industry standards. 


AAM: What is one thing you think advertisers should know about AAM?

Danielle Bateman Girondo: AAM puts significant safeguards and processes in place to ensure that the data it provides is trustworthy and comprehensive. As marketers, we need to trust the data we’re using to make multimillion dollar decisions. Verified information helps us make those decisions on media mix, spend and placement with confidence. It’s incredibly important to have verified metrics in both print and digital media. And as digital advertising evolves, it is going to become much more granular, making it even more important for us to create a reliable data feedback loop with our agencies.  


AAM: What do you think are marketers’ biggest challenges this year? How can AAM help bring clarity to the situation?

Danielle Bateman Girondo: Capturing consumers’ attention will continue to be the most challenging aspect of our job as marketers. Whether we want a consumer to subscribe to our newsletter or visit our store, we’re tasked with convincing them to act on an offering. We have to reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time, via the right channel, and we need accurate data from our media and technology partners to do so. That’s where AAM is invaluable because it gives us confidence that we’re making decisions with trusted information.

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