AAM Helps Draft Verification Guidelines for the Point-of-Care Market

June 24, 2019

The new guidelines will help advance point-of-care media channels and are open for comment from media buying organizations.

Scott Hanson, Executive Vice President, Auditing


Recently, the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3) released a new draft of its verification and validation guidelines for media delivered in healthcare waiting and exam rooms. AAM serves on the organization’s Verification & Validation Committee which helped draft the guidelines, along with several point-of-care media companies, other auditing companies and senior leaders from pharmaceutical organizations, advertising agencies and other key stakeholders.

In a press release about the drafted guidelines, PoC3 Co-Chairman Mike Collette said, “PoC3 is focusing heavily on advocating for guidelines in the PoC advertising space, now and into the future. This is an industry priority and an opportunity to advance the point of care marketing channel as it continues to develop at an accelerated pace.”

PoC3 is requesting feedback from the media buying committee including pharmaceutical marketers and agency partners. Comments are open through July 9. We look forward to continuing to work with the committee to develop guidelines that will build trust and transparency in the point-of-care media space.

As a preferred auditing partner recommended by the PoC3 council, AAM is committed to establishing trust between point-of-care media companies and advertisers by participating in these industry discussions and by providing cost-effective, impartial assessments of the point-of-care market that meet the guidelines. We perform both network and campaign-level audits of print and digital channels. You can learn more about our point-of-care auditing services on our website or by reading the 5Ws of Third-Party Point-of-Care Advertising Audits.

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