6 Places to Find Newspaper Cross-Media Data in the Media Intelligence Center

November 2, 2017

AAM’s Media Intelligence Center contains a variety of cross-media data for participating newspapers. Here are six ways to access that information.

Jenni Anderson, Specialist, Client Solutions

Did you know AAM’s Media Intelligence Center offers several ways to analyze newspapers’ cross-media data? Log in to the Media Intelligence Center today, follow our steps and discover newspaper verified cross-media metrics.


Option 1: Filters

You can find newspaper cross-media data by using the filters on the left-hand navigation.

Use the filters to locate newspapers that report cross media.


Option 2: Tabs

The second way to access cross-media data is to select a newspaper or newspapers and then click the Analyze Data button. You will be taken to a new screen with a series of tabs where you can select Cross Media.

Use the Cross-Media Analyzer to view newspaper cross-channel data.


Option 3: Audience Summary Database

Up next is the AAM-NMA-Nielsen Local Audience Summary database containing U.S. newspapers’ average circulation, print and online readership, total combined audience, total unique website users and a variety of print demographic information for both national and local newspapers. You can access this database under Reports & Tools.

Use the Audience Summary database to view cross-media data.


Option 4: Quarterly Reports

Newspaper cross-media metrics are also available on the quarterly reports tab. Conduct a search, select your newspapers and then click the Analyze Data button. Now click the Quarterly Reports tab and view the reports for your selected newspapers.

View cross-media newspaper data on the first page of quarterly data reports.


Option 5: Audit Reports

Participating newspapers also include cross-media metrics in the audience summary section of AAM audit reports. You can find this information on the bottom of the first page. Audit reports are in the Reports Library tab.

View cross media data in the Audience Summary section of audit reports.


Option 6: Brand View

The final place to find cross-media metrics is AAM Brand View, a new interface in the Media Intelligence Center that goes beyond publisher’s statements and audit reports to showcase brands in a more dynamic setting. Brand View is accessible by searching a title and clicking directly on the link.

Tennessean Brand View Profile


If you ever have any questions about reporting or locating cross-media data in the Media Intelligence Center, please contact me or Sandi Licking.

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