6 Brand View Profiles You Should See

December 6, 2017

Check out some of the newest media brands to join Brand View including Reader’s Digest, Sound Publishing, Engineering News-Record, Texas Monthly, Houston Chronicle and Albuquerque Business First.

George Bartman, Vice President, Sales

More than 150 media brands have discovered the easiest way to elevate their presence in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center: Brand View. Brand View offers an easy and affordable way for magazines, newspapers and business publications to add visual branding, promotional messaging and contact information to their independently verified metrics. Check out some of these recently published profiles for ideas:

Magazines: Reader’s Digest

Reader's Digest Brand View Profile

Reader’s Digest uses Brand View to highlight its latest circulation data and provide easy-to-locate sales contact information on the learn more tab. View the profile.


Newspapers: Sound Publishing

Sound Publishing Brand View Profile

Sound Publishing’s Brand View profile shows group distribution for more than 40 AAM and CAC-audited newspapers in Washington State. View the profile.


Business Publications: Engineering News-Record

Engineering News-Record Brand View Profile

ENR’s profile goes beyond circulation information and includes additional verified data for newsletter distribution, website traffic and social media reach. View the profile.


Magazines: Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly Brand View Profile

Texas Monthly also focuses on circulation data with visual representation from several magazine covers and a link to their media kit. View the profile.


Newspapers: Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle Brand View Profile

The Houston Chronicle is using Brand View to provide advertisers with detailed information about their audience including age, gender, income and education. View the profile.


Business Publications: Albuquerque Business First

Albuquerque Business First Brand View Profile

Albuquerque Business First is one of several American City Business Journals’ titles to create a Brand View profile featuring circulation data, website traffic, newsletter opens, pass-along receivership and event registration. View the profile.


Ready to start your free Brand View profile? Download our quick-start guide to walk you through the process. If you’d like help creating a profile, magazines can contact me or Danielle O’Connell at 212-867-8992 and newspapers can contact Kevin Rehberg at 224-366-2401.

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