5 Ways The Kansas City Star is Telling Their Local Story to Advertisers

June 28, 2017

As one of the first adopters of AAM Brand View, The Kansas City Star shares how the new profile markets their channels and what other news media companies can do to capitalize on this free ad sales interface.


Situation: The Changing Digital Marketplace Calls for New Verification Solutions for News Media Companies

The Kansas City Star

As a charter member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations (now AAM), The Kansas City Star is one of nearly 200 media companies that paved the way for media verification 103 years ago. Today, the company is Kansas City’s largest media organization, reaching a diverse audience of 865,000 subscribers online and in print each week.

“Newspapers have long been trusted sources for current events, for being a watchdog for corruption, for giving people a voice and for reporting on what matters in their local communities,” said Dan Schaub, corporate director of audience development at McClatchy, the parent company for The Kansas City Star. “Our news media employees uphold these values in the work they do and feel a deep responsibility to make where they live and work a better place. As a result, buyers can rest assured that we are a trusted brand with deep-rooted community ties and relationships with readers.”

As The Star created products and services to meet readers’ digital consumption needs, the company expanded its verification with AAM to include its website, newsletters, and affiliated publications. This additional verification has helped gain trust with advertisers and generate new revenue streams. The Kansas City Star used AAM’s Consolidated Media Report to display these channels in one place.

“The old ABC reports focused on only one piece of our portfolio,” Schaub said. “But we’re no longer newspaper companies; we’re media companies that offer a multitude of consumer offerings. It is important that we start to tell the story of how we’ve been finding new ways to connect with readers.”

The CMR was a step toward the next evolution of reporting for AAM newspapers. While it displayed all channels on a static report, publishers and buyers were looking for even more flexible, timely and complete verified data.


Solution: AAM Brand View Brings Voice and Visibility to Verification

To address this need, AAM worked with publishers and media buyers to create a new Media Intelligence Center interface that displays these same publisher channels, but within an interactive platform that can be easily shared with advertisers.

AAM Brand View is a responsive profile that enables publishers to show their entire media portfolio to advertisers inside and outside of the Media Intelligence Center.


Watch AAM Brand View in action to learn how this new, free profile can help enhance your company listing in the Media Intelligence Center and take your conversations with advertiser clients to the next level.


From his experience with The Star’s profile, Schaub believes the utility of Brand View affords publishers opportunities to expand their data set, connect with advertisers and maximize revenues.

“Publishers have many options to deepen their relationships with readers, and Brand View can help tell that story,” said Schaub. “Brand View is a part of the future. It has the visual appeal of graphs and charts. It’s a tool that your sales teams can take to meet with local businesses. But most importantly, it gives added credibility to your sales pitch because it comes from an audited source.”


Learnings: How The Kansas City Star Showcased Its Local Story with AAM Brand View

Brand View combines the AAM data publishers file each quarter with charts, graphs, photos, text, videos and more. The Kansas City Star was one of the first publishers to create a Brand View profile and helped set an example for how publishers can use the dynamic, cross-media interface. To effectively leverage its brand influence with both local and national advertisers, The Kansas City Star decided to focus on five key elements when creating their Brand View profile. 

1. The influence of The Kansas City Star within the community and neighboring regions.

“When our teams first got together, we discussed how we want to communicate that The Star is an active part of the community and a supporter of the region,” said Rosanne Smith, brand marketing specialist for McClatchy.

“Advertisers appreciate that we’re providing readers with quality content,” said Bethany Turner, marketing and events manager at The Kansas City Star. “Knowing that we’re there for the community makes them confident about advertising with us.”

Kansas City Star Brand View Profile - Overview Tab

“The Overview tab allowed us to showcase our strength and commitment to reporting what matters to the Kansas City community,” Smith added. “We decided to showcase a photo of the fans covering the city after the Royals won the World Series as well as highlight the ‘We are Kansas City’ video, which talks about our reach and how we report on the ups and downs in the community to really focus on the people and culture of Kansas City.”

2. The reach of their content via core and affiliated print products.

“In addition to the Overview tab, we also used the Affiliated Publication tab to communicate the diversity of our news products and solutions that appeal to different audiences like Ink Magazine that covers lifestyle and entertainment.” said Smith.

The Kansas City Star Brand View Profile - Affiliated Publication tab

3. The type of readers who subscribe to The Kansas City Star.

“We typically place readership and demographic stats on our quarterly data reports,” Smith said. “We decided to activate our Audience tab for advertisers who are new to the area or to this advertising space. It shows our presence in the region, and who typically subscribes to our channels.”

Kansas City Star Brand View Profile - Audience tab

4. The up-to-date content that’s featured on kansascity.com 24/7.

“We take advantage of our digital solutions as well, including our website and social media channels to distribute content,” Turner said. “Ultimately, we want to tell advertisers about our many options and different demos so they can find the channel that fits their needs.”

Kansas City Star Brand View Profile - Digital tab

5. The best way for advertisers to get in touch with Kansas City about these options.

“On the Learn More tab, we included a link to our general contact page because we want to make sure that all requests are addressed and directed to the right person immediately,” Smith said.

Kansas City Star Brand View Profile - Learn More tab

“With Brand View we have the framework we need to tell our story to future advertisers,” Schaub added. “Now when a buyer asks to know more about our video options or the reach of our digital readership, we can give them that picture in a way that’s easy to understand.”


Ready to get started? Contact us today to begin capturing advertiser attention and be one of the first companies to publish an AAM Brand View profile in July.

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