5 New Brand View Profiles Worth Viewing

July 26, 2019

New participants include Transport Magazine & L'Écho du Transport, three titles from TEN: Publishing and The Maui News.

Sandi Licking, Client Solutions Training Manager


Nearly 400 publishing brands have created Brand View profiles in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center to provide buyers with a better view of who they are and the audiences they attract. And it’s working. In the first half of 2019, Brand View profiles saw a 102% increase in engagement over traditional activity. Check out the profiles of some of our newest participants:


Canadian Business Media: Transport Magazine & L'Écho du Transport

Transport Magazine & L'Écho du Transport recently become the first Canadian media brand to publish a Brand View profile. In addition to circulation information, you can find data on website activity, social media engagement and total gross contacts. The Brand View profiles are available in both English and French. View the profile.

Transport Magazine Brand View profile


U.S. Magazine Media: TEN Publishing

TEN Publishing recently added Brand View profiles for three titles: Automobile Magazine, Hot Rod Magazine and Motor Trend. The profiles now include logos, cover art, media kit link and sales contact information in addition to circulation and audience data.

TEN Publishing's Brand View profiles


U.S. News Media: The Maui News

In the news media category, community newspaper The Maui News added promotional text, images, a media kit link and sales contacts to its Brand View profile.

The Maui News Brand View profile

If you are a media company who would like to start a Brand View profile or a media buyer who would like to learn more about Brand View, please contact me at 224-366-6342.


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