3 Reasons You Should Log In to the Media Intelligence Center this Month

October 5, 2017

Has it been a while since you visited AAM’s Media Intelligence Center? Here’s why October is the month you should find your password and start analyzing media data.

Sandi Licking, Client Solutions Training Manger
1. Review Expanded Data for Magazines and Business Publications

In August, AAM released magazine and business publication Snapshot reports that included top-line information for all periodical clients for the first half of the year. You can access Snapshot files under the “Reports & Tools” menu in the Media Intelligence Center. More detailed publisher’s statements are now available in the Reports Library or you can use the Periodical Analyzer to convert the data into an Excel file and more easily trend data across the industry.


2. Check Out Brand View

With nearly 150 media brands now participating in AAM Brand View, now is the perfect time to see how newspapers, magazines and business publications are using their new profiles to provide buyers with more information on their brand, their audience and their data.

Check out profiles for Wichita Business Journal, Pharmaceutical Technology, The Daily Item, Portland Press Herald and London Review of Books, just to get you started.


3. Practice Your New Skills

AAM offers many opportunities for you to learn how to get the most out of the Media Intelligence Center. This month, we’re focusing on how to use the powerful analysis tools to easily generate large-scale reports or discover industry trends. Register for free webinars on mastering the Periodical Analyzer or U.S. Newspaper Analyzer on AAM’s website. If you want to practice on your own time, there are several training resources available in the education section of our website.

AAM also offers the Data Insider newsletter for monthly tutorials, quick tips, case studies and more. Sign up today.

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