Brand View Usage by the Numbers

June 6, 2018

Infographic shows who is looking at Brand View and how often they’re interacting with profiles.

Susan Kantor, Vice President, Marketing


Since we launched the new Brand View interface in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center over a year ago, nearly 200 media companies have seized the opportunity to create a customized profile. If you haven’t activated your profile yet, you might be asking one of the most frequently asked questions about Brand View like:

  1. Do media buyers even look at Brand View?
  2. How much traffic does a profile get?
  3. What does a good Brand View profile look like?

Our latest infographic answers each of these questions with information on the top media buyer users of Brand View, the latest stats for clicks and views, and the most trafficked profiles.


Look at the data and then start building your own Brand View profile. Review our Anatomy of an Attention-Grabbing Brand View Profile SlideShare and download our quick-start guide to walk you through the process. If you’d like help creating a profile, magazines can contact George Bartman or Danielle O’Connell at 212-867-8992 and newspapers can contact Kevin Rehberg at 224-366-2401.

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