Business Publications Have 3 Options for Filing June 2020 Age of Source Data

COVID-19 accommodations offer publishers flexibility.


With many businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, AAM announced several accommodations for business publications including different reporting options for age of source data. For the June 2020 filing period, business publications have three options:

  1. Continue reporting age of source with a year breakout using the analyzed issue or a second projection from the December reporting period.
  2. Report the source of circulation but not the age
  3. Omit age of source reporting entirely

When the Publisher Filing Center opens on Wednesday, July 1, publishers will select the age of source reporting section and then choose their preferred method of reporting:

Business filing age of source selections

Publishers reporting traditional age of source data will select the first option and proceed as normal.

Publishers reporting the source of the data, but not the age, will select option two and enter the following information:

Business publication reporting source of data but not the age

Publishers omitting age of source reporting entirely will select option three. An explanation will appear on the publisher’s statement to account for the omitted data.

Business publication age of source omitted entirely

To learn more about the accommodations offered due to COVID-19, please review the FAQs. For questions about how to file your June 2020 statement, please contact Sandi Licking at 224-366-6342.

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