Save a List of Titles to Reuse for Later Analysis

Do you regularly analyze the same group of titles? Here’s a time-saving tip.


Are you a media buyer placing ads for your client in the same category of health and beauty publications? Or maybe you’re one of three weekly newspapers in a metropolitan area and you like to keep tabs on the competition. These are just two of many reasons why you may regularly analyze the same group of titles. Instead of using filters and search every time you use the Media Intelligence Center, there’s an easier way.

Let’s use the first scenario above as our example. As a media buyer for a make-up brand, you may regularly view titles in the Women’s category of SRDS. To start building your list of titles, click on SRDS Classification in the filter column.

Select SRDS Classification filter

In the pop-up, scroll down and select Women’s. Then click Apply & Close

Select Women's

Now all publications in that SRDS classification appear in the main window. To select all of them, click the check box at the top of the column.

Click top check box to select all titles

To save these titles for later use, click on the Save Lists button.

Select Save Lists button

In the pop-up, create a name for your list and click Save.

Name the list and click Save

The next time you return to the Media Intelligence Center, select Manage Lists/Report Alerts at the top of the screen.

Select Manage Lists/Report Alerts

Check the box next to your saved list and click the Retrieve button.

Retrieve your saved list

And now your original search results appear in the main window ready for analysis.

Retrieved list of titles shown

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