Media Intelligence Center Usage Is Up and We Know Why [Infographic]

August 18, 2016

Last year we opened access to the Media Intelligence Center and its entire suite of analysis tools and reports to all AAM clients. Check out this infographic to see the results of AAM All Access.

Brian Condon, EVP, Commercial Development

AAM clients are part of a special community committed to fostering a dialogue between buyers and sellers about the important role trust plays in our industry. The foundation of that dialogue is the data produced from an independent audit.

AAM made a big change last year. We opened access to the Media Intelligence Center and its entire suite of analysis tools and reports to all AAM clients. It’s paid off with nearly 90 new registered users joining each month.

What does this mean for AAM’s publisher and buyer clients? Buyers now have unlimited access to an array of verified cross-media data, allowing them to plan and evaluate with confidence. For publishers, it means their data is now readily available to a growing network of media professionals. Last year, AAM data was queried or viewed nearly five million times. How will that number grow now that we’ve opened the doors to information?

To share our excitement about the increased use of the Media Intelligence Center, we pulled together this infographic. Check it out to learn how redesigned tools, more timely data and a greater focus on cross media are all driving more people to seek out and use the valuable information housed in our database.

Want to stay in touch about the latest developments in the Media Intelligence Center? Sign up for our email updates. You can also learn more about AAM’s Media Intelligence Center reports and tools in the Data section of our website.

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